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TopicCheck: Interactive Alignment for Assessing Topic Model Stability
TopicCheck: Interactive Alignment for Assessing Topic Model Stability
Jason Chuang∗
Margaret E. Roberts†
Political Science
U. California, San Diego
Brandon M. Stewart†
Harvard University
Rebecca Weiss†
Stanford University
Dustin Tingley
Harvard University
Justin Grimmer
Political Science
Stanford University
Jeffrey Heer
Computer Science & Eng.
University of Washington
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Nutrient Database Explorer
>7000 foods information on parallel coordinates
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Mapping the brain at high resolution | MIT News
Researchers have developed a technique to image the brain with unprecedented resolution and speed. Using a combination of expansion microscopy and lattice light-sheet microscopy, they can locate individual neurons, trace connections between them, and visualize organelles inside neurons, over large volumes of brain tissue.
brain  visualization 
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Eric Fischer’s marvelous maps | Flickr Blog
Glow maps made with Flickr data from Mapbox's Eric Fischer
maps  map  mapbox  data_science  visualization  data_viz  art  flickr 
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UMAP Explorer
An interactive UMAP visualization of the MNIST data set
visualization  clustering  machine-learning 
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GitHub - nikeee/ Your favourite Graphviz editor

This site uses:

dot-language-support for its language capabilities
monaco-editor as main editor component
Viz.js to render the graph
Want to add a language support feature? Head over to the repository of dot-language-support.

Think the website is cool? There is also a language server! You can use the same language capabilities in your favourite editor! Have a look at dot-language-server.
graphics  graphviz  graphprocessing  visualization  LSP  LanguageServerProcess  IDE 
2 days ago by euler

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