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Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
Analysis of the repetitiveness of a dataset of 15,000 songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1958 and 2017.
compression  analysis  visualization  music  lyrics 
5 hours ago by jntolva
Congress Over Time
Since the U.S. midterm elections I’ve been playing around with some Congressional Quarterly data about the composition of the House and Senate since 1945. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share the data, but here are two or three things I had to do with it that you might find useful.

The data comes as a set of CSV files, one for each congressional session. You download the data by repeatedly querying CQ’s main database by year.
visualization  statistics  politics 
6 hours ago by soto97
Navigome: GWAS-based phenome visualization
The website is based on a collection of 465 phenotypes from different GWAS studies. Here, you will be able to:

Visualize an interactive 2D map of phenotypes based on genetic correlations
Browse pathways, gene and tissue analyses, using interactive visualizations
Generate gene profiles across phenotypes and tissues
genomics  gwas  visualization 
10 hours ago by mark.larios
Urban tree canopy data, visualized.
visualization  map  forest  expertise  trees 
14 hours ago by jntolva

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