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Making Social Critique Go Viral
Op-ed for non-profits on why and then how they should attempt to go viral.
profwriting  viral  virality  circulation  nonprofit 
october 2017 by stevej27
Kremlin info-ops measured to have a total reach of 340 million with dark, divisive ads
when the virality and resharing is measured, it's far higher than previously estimated, according to this Washington Post article
virality  news  fake-news  facebook  politics  russia 
october 2017 by jm
Flame wars: How angry memes go viral | Cult of Mac
Want a shortcut for producing viral content? Get angry. Here's why enraging the internet is the fastest route to clicks and video views.
tech  meme  virality 
october 2017 by krannon
Facebook and the Tyranny of the “Like” in a Difficult World
Argument about how Facebook algorithms hinder particular issues from going viral or even being responded to
Facebook  profwriting  algorithms  race  virality  activism 
august 2017 by stevej27
This Cincinnati tire shop gave a nod to Baby Driver, and Edgar Wright noticed
Interesting article about a tweet from a Cincin-based store, and its "prof writer." Questions raised about the value of virality and circulation for businesses (prof writing question). Also raises a related question of whether or not this is news, and if so, when did circulation become news?
virality  circluation  viral  socialmedia  digitalrhetoric  newsjacking  profwriting 
july 2017 by stevej27
At Facebook says 40%+ of video views come from a share vs the original upload of that video $FB
virality  F8  from twitter_favs
april 2017 by grattucker
Which stories go viral? Those that tickle just the right spots of our brains
Scans show how our brains calculate the value—but it's still not the whole story.
virality  meme 
march 2017 by krannon
The Problem With Treating Gun Violence Like a Virus
Gun violence moves through a city the way a virus moves the body: predictably, but with uncanny precision. New research suggests “virus” patterns can be spotted and possibly help predict and even prevent shootings. But questions remain of whether this can be done ethically, and, most crucially, who can be trusted with this predictive technology.
gun  violence  politics  virality 
february 2017 by krannon

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