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28 days ago by jbrok
Snapchat Is Rolling Out a New Viewability Score to Help Advertisers Know If People See Their Video Ads – Adweek
Snapchat isn’t going as far as letting the Media Rating Council independently audit its ad clients’ campaigns six weeks after the ANA called for all major digital platforms to do so. But it’s taking an MRC-minded step in that direction, while giving brands more insight into whether consumers actually see Snap Ads, the full-screen, vertical videos that have shaken up the industry in recent years.

Today, Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, is starting to offer select advertisers a viewability score—validated by measurement firm Moat—that’s designed to meet the MRC’s guidelines for whether videos warrant chargeable impressions. The score will become widely available on June 5.
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11 weeks ago by inspiral
RT : is a very ad centric measurement, we need to start thinking of it as a centric metric…
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april 2017 by beeston
Kellogg’s Studies How Video Viewability Effects Sales
"For instance, NCS and Moat found that videos in view for seven to 16 seconds contributed more toward sales versus anything more or less than that length, despite the industry standard being three seconds with 50% of pixels in view."
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march 2017 by jasondoucette
The state of video ad viewability in 5 charts - Digiday
A recent ad quality trend report from Integral Ad Science also found that 65 percent of video inventory sold direct was in view, dropping to 32 percent in view for inventory sold programmatically.
advertising  video  viewability  statistics  chart  online 
february 2017 by markhgn
P&G's Pritchard Calls for Digital to Grow Up, Clean Up | Media - AdAge
which defines display ad impressions as "viewable" if at least 50% of pixels are on-screen for at least one second and video as viewable if at least 50% of the player is on-screen for at least two seconds.
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february 2017 by JohnDrake
Does Lazy Loading Ads Solve the Viewability Problem? - Ad Ops Insider
Publishers struggling to execute against the MRC's viewability standard would be wise to consider lazy loading ads as a core technical strategy.
viewability  adtech  lazyloading 
november 2016 by jbrok
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november 2016 by jbrok
Need for 100% -> bad ad UX -> adblockers -> lost $$
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october 2016 by smack416
Marketers continue to ‘waste money’ as only 9% of digital ads are viewed for more than a second
New research suggests marketers must start thinking about digital display ads ‘like posters’ if they want to create the same engagement as TV, print or out-of-home advertising.
marketing  visibility  eye  tracking  advertising  viewability 
august 2016 by markhgn
exponential - Online Tuesday - advertising measuring #measuring
RT @NicoleLiebmann: Exponential's new whitepaper explores the true value of #viewability //

#advertising #mobile #measurement
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june 2016 by onedaycompany

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