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Aquest mes de desembre... VAIXELL DE PAPER número 4!! Esteu preparats??
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Improve Availability with VDP Advanced and vSphere Replication | VMware vSphere Blog - VMware Blogs
The short answer is yes they can be used together. The screen shots below show VR 5.5 replicating the same two VMs that are being backed up daily by VDP Advanced 5.5. The recovery point objective (RPO) setting in VR for both VMs is set to 15 minutes and their replication status is “OK”. During the initial sync performed by VR, I ran the “Linux VMs” backup job in VDP Advanced, which completed successfully. In other words, the VMs were backed up at the same time they were being replicated by VR.
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december 2013 by some_hren
Allgemeine Zeitung - „Mehr Klarheit für Verbraucher“
„Message in a bottle“ setzt sich für Qualitätsabstufungen nach Herkunft ein
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