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Text - H.R.7068 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): End Catch and Release Act | | Library of Congress
(b) Conforming amendment.—Section 208(d)(6) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1158(d)(6)) is amended by striking “If the” and all that follows and inserting:

“(A) If the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Attorney General determines that an alien has knowingly made a frivolous application for asylum and the alien has received the notice under paragraph (4)(C), the alien shall be permanently ineligible for any benefits under this chapter, effective as the date of the final determination of such an application.

“(B) An application is frivolous if the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Attorney General determines, consistent with subparagraph (C), that—

“(i) it is so insufficient in substance that it is clear that the applicant knowingly filed the application solely or in part to delay removal from the United States, to seek employment authorization as an applicant for asylum pursuant to regulations issued pursuant to paragraph (2), or to seek issuance of a Notice to Appeal in order to pursue Cancellation of Removal under section 240A(b); or

“(ii) any of the material elements are knowingly fabricated.

“(C) In determining that an application is frivolous, the Secretary or the Attorney General, must be satisfied that the applicant, during the course of the proceedings, has had sufficient opportunity to clarify any discrepancies or implausible aspects of the claim.
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Building Community in Booming Durham, North Carolina - CityLab
But building community, I’ve found, is not like building a house. Or, more accurately, it’s like building a house with a bunch of partners using different blueprints, while others are disassembling the foundation and yet others have confiscated some of the tools.
community  gentrification  housing  culture  profile  Durham  USA  CityLab  TheAtlantic  2018 
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FundGuard is a cloud-based enterprise operating platform for asset managers, asset owners, custodian banks and fund administrators to manage investments across mutual funds and ETFs, alternatives, insurance, and pension.
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Supplier Management Solution In The Cloud -
LiveSource is a  supplier management solution built for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace & defense, complex manufacturing, and medical industries and specifically designed to help you get better quality, more innovative products to market faster, at lower cost and with fewer supply chain disruptions.
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Stephen Shames' best photograph: Robert Kennedy in his final days
There are clear parallels for me with what’s happening right now. Most 21 year olds are idealistic. Everyone grows up a patriot. You’re in school, you salute the flag, you read the sanitised history in your textbooks. Then there’s a polarising moment like this that shoves you into the real world.

In the US, beyond the election of Trump, which was a fluke, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the supreme court is one such moment. Young people here having their eyes opened. They are realising there’s a dark side to the United States. Their idealism is being shaved away.
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Infusionsoft: Small Business CRM, Sales & Marketing Software
Put all your customer info in one place so it's easier to see the latest status on tasks, sales opportunities, and email results.
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