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How America’s friends and enemies have adjusted to the age of Trump
As US allies wrestle with what to do next, China hopes to benefit from a world in flux
ft  usa  politics 
12 hours ago by robward
How The Guardian Lost America
years of mismanagement, tensions between Brits and Americans, poisonous internal politicking, poor business decisions amid a tough advertising market, and a failure to assert itself as the voice of the new American political left.

The New York Times and the Washington Post, with which the Guardian has hoped to compete, have thrived recently, racking up huge national security scoops, new paying subscribers, and a firm sense of place in a chaotic media environment. But Guardian US, many insiders believe, missed its core political opportunity in 2016 to align itself with the Bernie Sanders insurgency in the way its British parent paper has long been linked with the UK Labour left.
Glendinning lost some US employees' confidence not just over editorial matters, but also in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation against her former top lieutenant, Matt Sullivan (an allegation he denies).
Journalism  adtech  politics  USA 
14 hours ago by seatrout
Clear Labs - A New Standard in Food
Clear Labs analyzes food at the molecular level to help the world’s best food companies secure their supply chains and differentiate their brands.
supplychain  agriculture  ml  data  USA 
14 hours ago by shalmaneser
Agriculture is the single greatest driver of climate change on the planet.
We believe that by digitising today's agricultural practices and then using the data to create innovations through AI analysis and automation, we can create a new, sustainable agricultural paradigm.
agriculture  software  ml  USA 
14 hours ago by shalmaneser
At AgSolver, we recognize there is more to profit than simply yield. We provide you with the tools to analyze not just your fields’ agronomic performance, but their economic performances. See where your fields are making and losing money and then compare potential management scenarios.
agriculture  software  ml  USA 
14 hours ago by shalmaneser
SageInsights - Connected Solutions
All your work and activities in one place, integrating with the data and tools you use every day.
agriculture  data  ml  USA 
14 hours ago by shalmaneser
Prospera Technologies
agriculture  data  ml  USA 
14 hours ago by shalmaneser
With us, it's about you. As an independent software consulting and technology partner, AGI works with you to accomplish your vision of building and customizing your precision ag apps and ag information management systems.
agriculture  software  ml  USA 
14 hours ago by shalmaneser
Sulam Brookline – A Unique Brand of Jewish Education
Sulam: A Day School After School

Sulam* is for children whose parents want the excellent education provided by Brookline public schools as well as Hebrew immersion and intensive Judaic education. Sulam is as diverse as the American Jewish community.
modern  jewish  education  america  us  usa  boston 
15 hours ago by aviflax
About Makom | Makom Community
Makom Community provides daily, high-quality afterschool care and Jewish education for children ages 4-11.
modern  jewish  education  america  us  usa  philadelphia 
15 hours ago by aviflax

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