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Domestic violence - Wikipedia
Useful for global context + many references to more
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11 hours ago by csrollyson
Robert Reich: Democracy's Future Depends on 'Common Good'
"Trump = the culmination of 3 or 4 decades of a "whatever it takes" attitude. Wage stagnation; class stratification; erosion of trust in our institutions. We're in the second gilded age: discrepancy between rich & poor; monopolization... So: how do we care about the common good again?

"To be a Frenchman is a fact, to be an American is an ideal."
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17 hours ago by ingenu
A Tale of Two Poorly Designed Cross-Border Data Access Regimes | Electronic Frontier Foundation
On Tuesday, the European Commission published two legislative proposals that could further cement an unfortunate trend towards privacy erosion in cross-border state investigati­ons. Building on a foundation first established by the recently enacted U.S. CLOUD Act, these proposals compel tech companies and service providers to ignore critical privacy obligations in order to facilitate easy access when facing data requests from foreign governments. These initiatives collectively signal the increasing willingness of states to sacrifice privacy as a way of addressing pragmatic challenges in cross-border access that could be better solved with more training and streamlined processes.
data  digital_rights  EFF  europe  gov2.0  politics  privacy  usa 
21 hours ago by rgl7194
After 1963, a Silence Fell Upon Dallas. Not This Year. - The New York Times
DALLAS — Two months after this city’s darkest day in November 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was killed by a sniper in Dealey Plaza, James F. Chambers, publisher of The Dallas Times Herald, was ordered out of a cab in the Detroit snow.
jfk  usa 
23 hours ago by jeffhammond
High-severity fire: evaluating its key drivers and mapping its probability across western US forests - IOPscience
Parks et al 2018: Wildland fire is a critical process in forests of the western United States (US). Variation in fire behavior, which is heavily influenced by fuel loading, terrain, weather, and vegetation type, leads to heterogeneity in fire severity across landscapes. The relative influence of these factors in driving fire severity, however, is poorly understood. Here, we explore the drivers of high-severity fire for forested ecoregions in the western US over the period 2002–2015. Fire severity was quantified using a satellite-inferred index of severity, the relativized burn ratio. For each ecoregion, we used boosted regression trees to model high-severity fire as a function of live fuel, topography, climate, and fire weather. We found that live fuel, on average, was the most important factor driving high-severity fire among ecoregions (average relative influence = 53.1%) and was the most important factor in 14 of 19 ecoregions. Fire weather was the second most important factor among ecoregions (average relative influence = 22.9%) and was the most important factor in five ecoregions. Climate (13.7%) and topography (10.3%) were less influential. We also predicted the probability of high-severity fire, were a fire to occur, using recent (2016) satellite imagery to characterize live fuel for a subset of ecoregions in which the model skill was deemed acceptable (n = 13). These 'wall-to-wall' gridded ecoregional maps provide relevant and up-to-date information for scientists and managers who are tasked with managing fuel and wildland fire. Lastly, we provide an example of the predicted likelihood of high-severity fire under moderate and extreme fire weather before and after fuel reduction treatments, thereby demonstrating how our framework and model predictions can potentially serve as a performance metric for land management agencies tasked with reducing hazardous fuel across large landscapes.
wildfires  Climate_Science_study  USA 
yesterday by huntercutting
Obama's Secret Weapon In The South: Small, Dead, But Still Kickin' : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
States in the Deep South traditionally vote Republican in every presidential election. However, a string of "blue" counties curve through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. And the reason for this political anomaly seems to lie with ancient oceans and dead plankton.
maps  politics  geology  science  usa  slavery 
yesterday by pozorvlak

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