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Kidaptive - Education Adaptive Learning Platform
ALP is a cloud-based assessment and reporting platform, designed to combine data streams from a variety of learning-relevant contexts to create a universal, longitudinal, high-dimensional psychometric profile of a learner.
education  software  ml  USA 
1 hour ago by shalmaneser
Mitch McConnell and the Gun-Control Stonewall - The Atlantic
It's not even that measures are voted down, they never come up for a vote.
usa  politics 
15 hours ago by mr_stru
Shillington College
escola focada em Graphic Design
USA  UK  design 
16 hours ago by croquetson
Black Panther isn't just a hero movie - NZ Herald
black panther as reflection on the racism of film and society
black  panther  black_panther  usa  hollywood  film  movies  racism  white 
18 hours ago by danfnz
Letting American Kids Die
"Guns, infant mortality and car crashes show that we’re behind other wealthy nations." GOP.
usa  violence  politics 
19 hours ago by ingenu
To Stir Discord in 2016, Russians Turned Most Often to Facebook - The New York Times
How Facebook advertising and #SocialMedia tools were made to order for russia influencing 2016 usa president election
facebook  russia  exposé  advertising  example  trump  instagram  social  media  influence  usa  election 
19 hours ago by csrollyson
The Atlas Of Redistricting | FiveThirtyEight
See how seven different ways of drawing congressional districts across the country — from pretty fair to seriously gerrymandered — could change the partisan and racial makeup of the U.S. House.
data  visualization  politics  gerrymander  usa 
yesterday by dizzzz
We are at Gangneung Curling Center for some v 🥌! The South Korean team is all surnamed Kim, so they go by…
kor  usa  from twitter_favs
yesterday by dalcrose

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