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Twitter -- Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins: “I am a proud straight, white, Christian Conservative and a married mother of three under 15..."
'Looking forward to taking to the stage at #RestorationWeekend “I am a proud straight, white, Christian Conservative and a married mother of three under 15. Unlike most of my Muslim friends who have 15 under the age of 3” Stand by!'
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3 hours ago by adamcrowe
Spiked -- How to save Brexit by Brendan O’Neill
'... Take this in. The people of Britain demand control – democratic, sovereign control, over borders, over immigration, over trade – and yet May cedes control to the EU. The largest bloc of voters in the entire history of this nation calls for a clean, radical wresting of political sovereignty back from Brussels, and yet May sells off our sovereignty to Brussels. We say, in our confident, teeming millions, ‘Leave the EU’; our political leaders say, ‘We’re staying in it. In its thrall, under its purview, beholden to its controls.’ -- It is time we reckoned with the enormity of what is happening here. It is time we stepped back from the endless, often turgid talk of backstops, and backstops to backstops, and arrangements, and red lines, and soft Brexit and hard Brexit, and looked at what is being done to Brexit in its proper historical context. -- Which is this: not since every British adult finally won the franchise in 1928 has a mass vote been so explicitly and wilfully overthrown. Not since the dawning of democracy in the modern era – that hard-won, difficult dawning – has the British people’s voice not only been ignored or side-stepped, but silenced, overturned, shut down. Not since the birth of the democratic era has democracy been treated this cavalierly, and this destructively. -- The historical context, away from the bitching between Remainers and Leavers, away from the tortured behind-closed-doors negotiations between May and Michel Barnier, away from the daily doses of broadsheet fearmongering about how awful life in Brexit Britain will be, is that we are witnessing the demoralisation of democracy. The usurping not simply of one vote – the vote for Brexit – but of the ideas and beliefs that underpin democracy itself. -- And yet if you kick up a fuss about this, about this overturning both of a vote and of the very principles of democracy, you will be demonised. -- Speak of ‘betrayal’, and they will brand you divisive and hysterical – even though everyone knows this is a betrayal. -- Mention the word ‘elite’, and they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist, even a fascist – even though everyone knows there is an elite and that it is working towards weakening the people’s will. -- Refer to those who have devoted their financial, political and moral resources to the usurping of the largest democratic vote in British history as ‘enemies of democracy’, and you will be branded a poisonous, libellous troublemaker – even though everyone, including the elitist agitators themselves, knows full well these people are enemies of democracy. -- Not content with demeaning our democratic vote, and our democratic rights, they also seek to frustrate our capacity to complain; they also paint as demented our perfectly reasonable anger over the political class’s unprecedented war on the democratic will. -- What do we do now? How do we respond to this birth of a new era of anti-democracy? To the demoralisation of the demos and all of the terrible consequences that will spring from it, from the collapse of public faith in democratic procedures, to the intensification of elite, ‘expert’ dominion over public life, to the unwinding of the historic gains of the universalisation of the franchise? Something needs to happen. Something new, something daring, something radical...' -- Taxation is theft. Democracy is just another government programme.
UK  statism  democracy  delusion 
4 hours ago by adamcrowe
Spiked -- ‘We are capitulating to extremists’
'Wilson Chowdhry on why Asia Bibi hasn’t been offered asylum in Britain. -- ... #spiked: Why is Britain not offering asylum to Bibi? -- #Chowdhry: I received an email from a secretary of an All-Party Parliamentary Group – I won’t name who. It said that most European countries are reluctant to provide asylum to Bibi. They fear there will be attacks on their embassies in Pakistan – which has been reiterated to me by a number of diplomats I’ve been working with while trying to secure Bibi’s safe exit. -- There is also a fear that Bibi could be harmed if she came to Britain. For instance, an imam from Bradford, Muhammad Asim Hussain, has celebrated Ghazi Mumtaz as a martyr. Mumtaz murdered the governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, for defending Asia Bibi. Imam Hussain’s Facebook page has over 197,000 likes. Many of those who ‘like’ him will share the same ideology and might well believe Asia Bibi is a blasphemer who deserves to be killed. -- Many so-called apostates are persecuted in Britain. Nissar Hussain, for instance, has been persecuted by hardline Islamists since he converted to Christianity. He was hospitalised after he was beaten with a pickaxe. He was forced out of his home and he had to be escorted by a police entourage, with 16 officers armed with machine guns, and two roads had to be blocked off. -- Another Pakistani-Christian was beaten until he was unconscious for displaying a cross and two large poppies on his car. -- Then there was Faisal Bashir. (This was in London, right next to my office!) He became an atheist after he started to worry about what was being preached at his mosque. He was being threatened, people threw rubbish at him, they screamed abuse at his wife and kids. He had to move. -- There is also footage of meetings which show the Islamist groups who organised the protests against Bibi, Tehreek-e-Labbaik, operating in Birmingham. Marchers in Manchester shouted the same chants as Tehreek-e-Labbaik just last week. So there is a threat to Bibi in Britain.'
UK  conquest  theocracy  cowardice 
5 hours ago by adamcrowe
Metro Video -- Tommy Robinson accidentally records himself swearing at his wife
'Tommy Robinson shows true colours as he accidentally records himself swearing at his wife.' -- NAZI!!!!
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8 hours ago by adamcrowe

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