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The 10 best costume dramas
"Andrew Anthony's choice of television's finest period pieces. Bonnets optional..."
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APPG Blockchain
The mission of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) is to ensure that industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) making the UK a leader in Blockchain/DLT’s innovation and implementation.
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US multinational buys into UK rehab centres as demand grows | Society | The Guardian
The UK private rehab market is set to grow exponentially, one of the largest addiction firms in the country has said after receiving US investment.

Addiction treatment centres have reported increases in the number of people seeking help, and concerns have been raised that cuts to drug and alcohol services mean some addicts are being cut adrift.
NHS  Privatisation  addiction  Austerity  self-medication  UK 
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Prisons minister: I'll quit if assaults do not fall in problem jails | Society | The Guardian
The prisons minister, Rory Stewart, has said he will resign if the number of assaults does not fall in 10 jails that are to be subjected to a fresh crackdown on drugs and violence.

Stewart, who has been prisons minister since January, announced a £10m package of measures designed to lift standards at the 10 jails, which have “acute” problems.
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