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BuildLoan - Specialist Self Build & Renovation Mortgages
Dedicated to the intermediary market, BuildLoan is the UK's leading provider of construction based finance. Whether it's for your client's main residence as a self build, renovation, conversion, custom build, home improvement, knockdown and rebuild, or a project of any scale to let or sell - BuildLoan can provide you with a wide range of tailor made solutions including exclusive mortgages, development finance and bridging.
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2 hours ago by shalmaneser
Regulating for Responsible Technology: Introducing the Office for Responsible Technology
Doteveryone report outlining our vision for a new independent regulatory body that will direct digital technologies for the public good.
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5 hours ago by jackhardinges
Vidatec - Mobile App and Web Development - Scotland, UK
Based in Scotland, UK, with offices in India & the USA, we are a global mobile app and web development company. Our mission is to improve people's experience of life through technology. Have an idea for a mobile app or a website? We can't wait to hear from you.

Talk To Us
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6 hours ago by shalmaneser
Applied | Fair Recruitment | Blind Recruitment Software & App
Our recruitment platform helps you hire fairer, faster, and retain hires for longer.
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7 hours ago by shalmaneser
Lord Dubs to launch Compassion in Politics cross-party campaign | Politics | The Guardian
“In different ways, British citizens too are victims of an insidious political narrative that blames and punishes the vulnerable, the disabled and the poor, victimises minorities and deliberately divides communities.”

“The experiences of my childhood mean I can never claim to be from one place or another. But I think I have benefited greatly through my life by meeting others like me who feel they belong nowhere – or everywhere,” he said.
DubsAlfred  UK  politics  compassion  refugees  climateChange  freedomOfMovement  hostility  suspicion  blame 
7 hours ago by petej
Anti-fracking activists jailed for 'causing a public nuisance' during four-day protest | The Independent
The judge, Judge Robert Altham, who handed out the sentences, since proven to be corrupt:

"A company run by Judge Altham’s sister, Jane Watson, is listed as a shale gas advocate by the pro-fracking North West Energy Task Force.

Ms Watson also signed a letter calling on Lancashire County Council to “grant permission for the development of two exploratory wells in Lancashire” and “to give “shale a chance”."
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14 hours ago by np

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