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[Docteur Tweety - TwExList] Export | Download | Backup Twitter data to Excel | Calc | Web file
Docteur Tweety offers an efficient service to export Twitter lists, Followers, Friends, Favorites, Direct Messages, Tweets or Search Results all in 1 click !
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december 2014 by noodlepie
Henk van Ess - Google+ - Twitter raises limits on lists, enables 1,000 groups. This…
Twitter raises limits on lists, enables 1,000 groups. This shouldn't be boring news for reporters. I use them a lot to follow people anonymously and squelch the noise. Here's how. Let's assume we want to make a list with only civil servants working for the department of defense.

1. Locate defense accounts. Start with then go for

2. Defense should have instructed employees not to highlight in their bio's that they are work for the government. So how do you know that behind "Happy daddy, loving good food" is a high profiled employee?
By reverse engineering. Go to LinkedIn, advanced search, type in Company: the company and your best guess to find twitter accounts is to use "twitter" as general keyword. You'll always find, under CONTACT, the Twitter account if it's there.

3. Create a new list, don't forget to click on Private. Now add the account names you found with followerwonk, twellow and LinkedIn to the list. No one will see you follow them, which can be nice.

4. Complete your first attempt. Click on each member in the private list and click on followers. Scroll down to the last page. These are the people that followed the person at the start of the account. The bottom usually contains colleagues of the person. Try to validate the accounts by using tools like Creepy to find out if some of them actually tweet out of a government building.

5. Update the list every six months.

Now you have your own coffee machine for any given group of people: you won't here super secrets, but the chatter is concentrated. Working like this, I broke several news stories. Here is one:

- bankers telling each other : do y go to the meeting? next tweet: I.m mayor of.... ( Foursquare) - the coordinates of a hotel pop up. Last tweet: I hope I am here to tomorrow too, life offers challenges.

Reverse engineering this: bankers had a meeting were lay offs were presented. we never could have asked the bank if this was true without using lists.
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may 2013 by noodlepie
Twitter / TwitterForNews: Update to Twitter lists: You ...
Update to Twitter lists: You can now make up to 1,000 lists (up from 20), and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts (up from 500).
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may 2013 by noodlepie
How journalists can remove themselves from Twitter lists — & why it matters | Poynter.
How do I remove myself from a Twitter list?

Go to the Twitter user’s page (as explained above) and click on “Block.” This automatically removes you from inclusion in any list created by that user. Then, unless you have a reason to block that user’s account, immediately click on “Unblock.”
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april 2013 by noodlepie

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