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Not all are bad “The biggest appeal of bots is that they’re near-infinite and varied—there’s something…
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7 weeks ago by Vince
dariusk/corpora: A collection of small corpuses of interesting data for the creation of bots and similar stuff.
corpora - A collection of small corpuses of interesting data for the creation of bots and similar stuff.
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september 2017 by jkeefe
Every lot bots / Fake is the new real
twitter bots posting streetview photos of every lot in a city.
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september 2017 by jkeefe
Our codeless integration for is now live! Really excited to see what people build on this platform.…
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august 2017 by sinned
Why just four seasons? Ancient Japan had 72 microseasons / Boing Boing
[twitter bot by Peter Richardson that announces them (via Max Fenton): ]


Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Boring. Ancient Japan had 72 microseasons each lasting about five days. They each have wonderfully evocative names like "Spring Winds Thaw the Ice" and "The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow." We just finished “The Bear Retreats to its Den,” and this microseason 64, falling immediately after the solstice, is called "The Common Heal-All Sprouts.


Trivia: Prunella vulgaris, aka heal-all, sprouts this time of year near the ancient Japanese capital of Nara and is depicted in figure F below:


In Japanese it is called utsubogusa ("grass-quiver") and is used in traditional medicine.

There's even a nice free app available.
The 72 Seasons app brings you photographs, illustrations, haiku poems and words based on the poetic names of the seasons, each of which depicts a subtle change in the natural world throughout the year. The app updates according to the old 72 season calendar, approximately every 5 days, allowing you enjoy an ancient yet refreshingly new way to feel the year progress, unhindered by precise dates and times.

Soon you will celebrate “Dew glistens white on grass,” or “First peach blossoms,” or “Bush warblers start singing in the mountains.” Perhaps you can even create your own local observed microsseasons."

[See also: ]
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december 2016 by robertogreco
Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
"This site will help you make a Twitterbot! They're easy to make and free to run.

To use it, create a Twitter account for your bot to run under and then sign in below. The bots are written in Tracery, a tool for writing generative grammars developed by Kate Compton. This site is run by George Buckenham - he can be contacted at "
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december 2016 by robertogreco

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