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Examples in JavaScript Functional Programming: Part 1
An (unofficial) companion series to Eric Elliott’s series illustrating functional programming concepts in JavaScript; focused on providing additional examples
functional  tutorial 
35 minutes ago by backspaces
The Process Component (Symfony Docs)
Symfony package for running shell scripts on the web server. I tested this on my Laravel Homestead Vagrant Virtual Machine to run a Python script from a Laravel (PHP) command and from a controller web route and it worked beautifully.
symfony  package  exec  shell  script  server  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  tutorial  documentation  guide  reference  laravel  laravel5 
1 hour ago by racl101
Learn D3.js for free
Throughout the course you'll learn the most important features of the library while building four different visualizations. You'll be able to play around with the code whenever you want, so that you can be sure that you'll understand how it works.
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1 hour ago by justinavery
1 HTML Element + 5 CSS Properties = Magic!
Ana Tudor is back at doing amazing things in the browser. Simply amazing.
newslettered  305  tutorial 
1 hour ago by justinavery
Art Directing For The Web With CSS Grid Template Areas — Smashing Magazine
Although this is a sponsored article on Smashing Magazine, there isn't really any mention of a product until the final paragraphs and by then you've learned everything you could want to about CSS Grid Template areas. Great work Andy (and great work on CoffeeCup too)
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1 hour ago by justinavery
How to Prevent Form Spam by Using The Honeypot Technique
<!-- honeypot field start-->
<div style="display:none;">
<label>Keep this field blank</label>
<input type="text" name="honeypot" id="honeypot" />
<!-- honeypot field end -->
honeypot  form  spam  tutorial  javascript 
3 hours ago by skeetergraphics
Learn CSS Grid for free | Scrimba.com
CSS Grid is a revolution and will become a must-have skill for front-end developers
css  tutorial 
6 hours ago by backspaces

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