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Blurring the border, Turkey deepens roots in northern Syria - ABC News
A senior Turkish official blamed the Syrian government, saying it seeks to "destabilize" the Turkish zone by flooding the area with the thousands of gunmen transferred from other areas.
Turkey  Mar15  BufferZone  Aleppo 
5 days ago by elizrael
Turkish Army Issues ID Cards to Residents of Afrin - May 30, 2018
The Turkish army has started issuing ID cards for residents and newly-settled people in the Afrin region near the border, amid claims from Kurdish militias of a demographic change, activists told Zaman al-Wasl Monday.
Mar15  Aleppo  turkey  Kurdish 
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What Do Syrians Want Their Future to Be? By Kristin Fabbe, Chad Hazlett, and Tolga Sinmazdemir – Souria Houria – Syrie Liberté – سوريا حرية May 1, 2017
Next, a significant minority of those interviewed did not feel represented by any of the parties to the conflict. Sixty percent of the participants in our sample came from areas around Aleppo that were long considered opposition territory, and hence were expected to hold pro-opposition views. Indeed, when asked which party most closely represents their interests—and allowed to choose between opposition groups, the Free Syrian Army, the Assad government, others, or “nobody”—the largest group (68 percent) chose “opposition groups.” More interesting, however, is that nearly a third of the respondents (28 percent) answered “nobody.” This does not reflect indifference—by comparison, only 0.5 percent of people said they supported Assad. Rather, this appears to reflect a genuine feeling that no party to the conflict represents this segment of the civilian population.
Mar15  Turkey  polls  refugees 
6 days ago by elizrael
Has the Turkification of Currency Begun in Northern Syria? - Enab Baladi
Jibran Bakour, the owner of a wholesale shop in the town of Suran, attributed the decline in the market to residents receiving salaries in Turkish lira and exchanging them for Syrian pounds. The difference in the currencies and the decline of the exchange rate in recent weeks means that people are losing about 25,000 Syrian pounds a month.

Most employees (in medical institutions, schools, police and local councils) receive their salaries in Turkish lira, with teachers’ salaries at a median of about 500 lira, while police officers receive about 800 lira, doctors get 3,000 lira and medics 600 lira.

The salaries for fighters in the Free Syrian Army in the Aleppo countryside and Idleb, which Turkey supports, are also paid in Turkish lira, with the normal salary of a fighter at about 500 Turkish lira.
Mar15  Turkey  Aleppo  money  trade  salaries  FSA  PublicSector 
10 days ago by elizrael
Between Russian Pressure and Turkish Promises:  Al-Lataminah City Awaits Its Destiny
Al-Hassan pointed out that the Turks have told the delegation that orders from the leadership stopped the positioning of the monitoring point in the city of al-Lataminah, to place the point in Murak. “We received may promises that three other monitoring points will be established, one of which will be in al-Lataminah, and we were reassured that the regime’s forces would not progress to the city,” he added.

“We were supposed to advance to the city of al-Lataminah to position a monitoring point. In the last seconds, we received orders from the leadership providing for transferring the point to Murak,” this was the Turks reply to the delegation.
Mar15  Russia  Turkey  Hama 
10 days ago by elizrael
Erdogan droht Österreich: "Glaubt ihr, wir werden tatenlos zusehen?" | kurier.at
“Austria’s decision to close mosques takes the world in the direction of a ‘war between crusaders and the crescent,’ said the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodgan Saturday evening at the breaking of the fast.

“The West itself must call its people to order. If that doesn’t happen, the accounts ‘will be settled in some other way’.”
Turkey  Austria  TayyipErdogan  MosqueClosures 
13 days ago by cbearden
Analyse zur Erdogan-Äffäre um Mesut Özil und Ilkay Gündogan: Pfeifen erlaubt!
War es wirklich ein Ausrutscher? Oder haben sich zwei mündige Menschen (und vor allem deren Berater) nicht vielleicht sogar sehr bewusst überlegt, mit wem sie sich da ablichten lassen? Es ist nie zu einem echten Austausch mit der deutschen Öffentlichkeit gekommen. Eilends wurden Özil und Gündogan zu Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier geschleift. So sollte medial wirksam dokumentiert werden, dass man sehr wohl wisse, wo das „echte“ Staatsoberhaupt seinen Dienstsitz hat. Nämlich in Berlin und nicht in Ankara. Es war ein Bild ohne tiefere Botschaft, weil es nicht authentisch, sondern hektisch inszeniert wirkte. Was bewegt Özil und Gündogan? Was treibt sie um? In welchem Zwiespalt fühlen sie sich als Kinder von aus der Türkei eingewanderten Familien gefangen? Zwei, die in Deutschland geboren und aufgewachsen sind. Würden beide Antworten geben, die weite Teile der Gesellschaft noch mehr verunsichern? Weil es nur positive Beispiele für Integration geben darf?
tuerkdeutsch  integration  turkey 
13 days ago by MicrowebOrg
Greek Turkey and Rice Skillet - Budget Bytes
When I get my nice big skillet I should do this for game night - or maybe I could do it in the Instant Pot?
recipe  entree  gamenight  turkey  greekfood  rice 
14 days ago by bobrhyn
U.S. and Turkey Agree on Kurds’ Withdrawal From Syrian Town - The New York Times
United States officials expressed concerns for Kurdish civilians in Manbij who may come under pressure to leave with the Kurdish forces, or could suffer from retaliation of returning Arabs, as happened in Afrin.
kurdistan  syria  turkey  manbij 
15 days ago by yorksranter

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