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Turkey Crackdown Chronicle: Week of May 21, 2017 - Committee to Protect Journalists
Two journalists arraigned, finance manager released in . Read more in this week's Crackdown Chronicle
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yesterday by andriak
Erdogan thugs in DC
Details of 24 Turkish delegation members who assaulted protesters in Washington DC
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yesterday by nelson
Turkish-trained Free Police Number 1,600 in Azaz Border Town - Syrian Observer, May 8,2017
A source, who spoke to Zaman al-Wasl on the condition of anonymity, said some high-ranking positions in the new Free Police force have been filled by civilians with little experience except for security affairs.
Mar15  police  BufferZone  Aleppo  Turkey  aid  salaries 
2 days ago by elizrael
Turkey threatens military action against U.S.-allied Syrian Kurdish fighters - WaPo, May 12,2017
Turkey has threatened to step up military action against Syrian Kurdish fighters allied with the United States, in response to the Trump administration's decision to directly arm the Kurds for an assault on the Syrian city of Raqqa, Turkish officials said. 

 The warning was delivered to senior U.S. national security officials in a series of closed-door meetings this week, after the Trump administration expressed its intent to arm the Kurds following months of deliberations, the Turkish officials said. 
PYD  Mar15  Turkey  TrumpAdministration  foreign_aid 
2 days ago by elizrael
False denials from Mike Pence continue to stack up | MSNBC
False denials from Mike Pence continue to stack up
Rachel Maddow looks at the many times Mike Pence has denied something about the Donald Trump team only to be proven wrong by further reporting, leaving Pence with a lot of explaining to do. Duration: 18:29
Pence  lies  Russia  Flynn  Turkey  Kushner  election  fraud  Comey 
7 days ago by Quercki
Flynn malfeasance 2
Contacts with Turkey, his undisclosed financial benefactor
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10 days ago by nelson

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