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Russia asks Kurds to hand Afrin to Syrian regime to stop Turkish attacks
A top Syrian Kurdish official on Sunday said Russian officials asked them to hand the country’s northwestern district of Afrin to the Syrian government to stop the Turkish attacks on the region.

Aldar Khalil, a member of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), an umbrella organization made up of six political parties and civil society institutions, including the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the leading Kurdish party in northern Syria, told reporters they will defend Afrin and will never hand it to the Syrian regime.
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Turkish Offensive on Islamic State in Syria Caught U.S. Off Guard - WSJ, Aug 30, 2016
After Mr. Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Aug. 9, Turkey sent a high-level military delegation to Russia to discuss its planned operation into Syria. The Russians assured Turkish officials that Moscow wouldn’t target Ankara’s forces if Turkey moved across the border, according to senior Turkish officials.
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RT : In "The media landscape came under full-blown assaults, while the judiciary has been shredded and the politi…
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#ÖZGÜRÜZ ist ein von Can Dündar zusammen mit dem Recherchezentrum Correctiv auf Türkisch und Deutsch erscheinendes Online-Magazin. Ziel unseres Exil-Mediums ist, den Menschen in der Türkei ungefilterte Nachrichten und investigative Berichte aus der Türkei zukommen zu lassen und der zunehmenden politischen Polarisierung unter Deutschtürken entgegenzuwirken.
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