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Rudy Ghouliani and the art of the American comeback | Financial Times
Trump: The Art of The Comeback opens with his “Top Ten Comeback Tips”. These range from “Play Golf” to “Always have a prenuptial agreement”. Here they are — reduplicated — and in no way tampered with by yours truly.

Number one: Play Golf. Every mulligan is a mini comeback.

Number two: Stay Focused. Especially when tweeting. Covfefe.

Number three: Be Paranoid. No one will be able to tell if you’re crazy like a fox, or crazy like a Fox TV show.

Number four: Be Passionate. Stormy, even.

Number five: Go Against the Tide. Or just command it to halt. Like King Canute. Great guy, Canute. Did an AMAZING job on the tide. Total winner.

Number six: Go With Your Gut. I have the best gut. It’s because I refuse to eat crow. Or dirt.

Number seven: Work With People You Like. Why else would I hire my family?

Number eight: Be lucky. Not to be confused with Get Lucky. (See four).

Number nine: Get Even. With China.

Number ten: Always have a prenuptial agreement. Ivana my money back!

Trump: The Art of The Comeback was published in 1997. Two decades later Trump’s blond ambition — and Giuliani’s bald ambition — have embraced a new vision of the American comeback.
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‘We’re still fighting that same fight’: how Spike Lee got his groove back with BlacKkKlansman | Film | The Guardian
You’re still fighting that same fight.” Charlottesville, he says, was “unfortunately, like a confirmation” of what their script was already warning of. As soon as he saw events there unfold, Lee wanted the footage to end the film.
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This mafia style of government makes Trump a role model for all autocrats | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian
Punishing critics like John Brennan is part of the US president’s ongoing abuse of power – and normalisation of autocracy // same argument book how democracies die makes.
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White House says Trump, Putin agree in principle on getting Iran out of Syria | The Times of Israel, Aug 17, 2018
According to Reuters, the official, in what may be the first such White House readout of what transpired at the private Putin-Trump meeting, said the leaders agreed “in principle” that Iran should not remain in Syria, but Putin believed any attempt to push Iran out would be a “tough task,” in Reuters’ words.
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Officials worry Trump may back Erik Prince plan to privatize war in Afghanistan
Trump advisers worry his impatience with the Afghan conflict will cause him to consider proposals like Prince's or abruptly order a complete U.S. withdrawal.
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White House drafts more clearance cancellations demanded by Trump - The Washington Post
While some aides see a welcome distraction from bad news, some worry about the appearance of an “enemies list.”
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Insanely good and also real creepy!
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