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Pump and Trump
Donald Trump claims he only licensed his name for real estate projects developed by others. But an investigation of a dozen Trump deals shows deep family involvement in projects that often involved deceptive practices.
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38 minutes ago by krestenjacobsen
Trump’s coal rescue is getting more complicated | Ars Technica
Citing four anonymous sources, Politico reports that White House advisors on the National Security Council and the National Economic Council have resisted invoking either the Defense Production Act or Section 202, purportedly on the basis that someone will have to pay for a coal and nuclear bailout, and nobody currently wants to do it // none of this is going to happen, is it?
trump  coal 
2 hours ago by yorksranter
Up to 9.5 million net neutrality comments were made with stolen identities | Ars Technica
The Times wrote that the AG also subpoenaed Century Strategies, "a political consultancy founded by Ralph Reed, the former director of the Christian Coalition,"
netneutrality  astroturf  fakenews  trolls  bots  trump  ralphreed  evangelicals 
3 hours ago by yorksranter
It Looks Like Mueller May Have a November Surprise | Vanity Fair
The special counsel will reportedly release key findings from the Russia probe shortly after the midterms.
Even for someone who’s shunned the public eye and spoken solely through indictments for the past year and a half, Robert Mueller has been uncharacteristically quiet in recent weeks. This is, of course, by design—Justice Department guidelines stipulate that prosecutors should avoid taking any major steps close to elections. And unlike former F.B.I. director James Comey, those who’ve worked with Mueller expected him to hew closely to D.O.J. protocol. “The one thing I am confident of is that he is going to make sure that he doesn’t do anything on the timing front that would interfere with the midterm elections,” Glenn Kirschner, a former homicide prosecutor who reported to Mueller in the 1990s, told me last month. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the indictment went completely radio silent between now and the midterms.”
crime  DOJ  gov2.0  legal  mueller  politics  russia  special_counsel  trump 
10 hours ago by rgl7194
Donald Trump is getting ready to throw Republicans under the bus - CNNPolitics
In a very wild interview with the Associated Press earlier this week, President Donald Trump said something that should make every Republican in Congress a little skittish.
15 hours ago by dougleigh
What Is NPC, the pro-Trump internet’s new favourite insult? • The New York Times
Kevin Roose:
<p>Last week, a trolling campaign organized by right-wing internet users spilled over onto Twitter. The campaign, which was born in the fever swamps of 4chan and Reddit message boards, involved creating hundreds of fictional personas with gray cartoon avatars, known as NPCs. These accounts posed as liberal activists and were used to spread — among other things — false information about November’s midterm elections.

Over the weekend, Twitter responded by suspending about 1,500 accounts associated with the NPC trolling campaign. The accounts violated Twitter’s rules against “intentionally misleading election-related content,” according to a person familiar with the company’s enforcement process. The person, who would speak only anonymously, was not authorized to discuss the decision.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Here, we try to unpack the NPC meme, what it means and why it’s causing trouble on Twitter.</p>

Just doing my job keeping you informed of memeulations on the intertubes, folks.
trump  memes 
18 hours ago by charlesarthur
How the US Halted China’s Cybertheft—Using a Chinese Spy | WIRED
For years, China has systematically looted American trade secrets. Here's the messy inside story of how DC got Beijing to clean up its act for a while.
Hacking  hackers  Chinese  America  American  companies  Wired  Boeing  Obama  Trump  Xi 
18 hours ago by TonkyC
Zinke fired his investigator
Corrupt Interior Secretary just fired the person overseeing investigations into his corruption
politics  zinke  corruption  trump  interior 
19 hours ago by nelson
Trump supporters as marketing list
Voter and donator lists are never used for commercial marketing. Until now.
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19 hours ago by nelson

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