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China’s government cracks down on paid internet posts, while employing its own
Do as I say, not as I do: The Chinese government is scrutinizing the 'water armies' writing paid commentary on platforms like Weibo (China's version of Twitter) while capitalizing on the void by filling the space with "their own official -- yet not necessarily truthful -- version of events," Kemeng Fan reports for the LA Times:

"China has been cracking down on paid online commenters – widely called "Water Armies," because they fill up web space with bland information that dilutes meaningful conversation. But as authorities clean the internet of noise, some experts say they're also taking the opportunity to shore up control and inject their own [views]...In early February, the official New China News Agency reported that the Ministry of Public Security had been waging a war on the water armies since last May. The police claimed to have closed more than 40 cases, the biggest of which involved about $630,000, according to the reports...Chinese authorities appear to deem the water armies a serious danger to the country's internet. 'Internet water armies generally produce false information, make slanderous attacks, and engage in illegal promotion… They scare the righteous netizens into silence,' said the New China News Agency in early February...Although state media have rushed to praise the water army crackdown, some experts point to inconvenient similarities between hunter and prey. China's government maintains the so-called 50 Cent Party, its own organization of commenters paid to write posts favorable to the government...experts suspect that the crackdown on the water armies will only further the government's control of online opinions."
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Wie Trolle Donald Trump halfen I Doku Lösch-Dich Bonus - YouTube
Trolle zerstören online Debatten. Und halfen so, Präsident Donald Trump ins Weiße Haus zu hieven. Wie, erklärt der Kulturwissenschaftler Michael Seemann.
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21 days ago by kogakure
Lösch Dich! So organisiert ist der Hate im Netz I Doku über Hater und Trolle - YouTube
Die Doku verfolgt ein Team, das undercover als Trolle und Hater im Netz unterwegs war und berichtet von gesteuerten Shitstorms, Mobbingattacken, Wahlmanipulationen. In der Doku sprechen sie mit Trollen, Nazis und Hatern, sind verdeckt in Trollnetzwerken unterwegs.
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21 days ago by kogakure
Hass im Internet | NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann - ZDFneo - YouTube
Früher war das Internet ein wunderbarer Ort. Auf grünen Wiesen tauschten wir uns aus, kauften ein und schickten unsere Farmville-Rinder auf die Weide. Es war das Paradies! Inzwischen liegt mehr Trollscheiße auf dem Weg zu StudiVZ als Spritzen im Görlitzer Park.
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21 days ago by kogakure
We can stop hacking and trolls, but it would ruin the internet • New Scientist
Sally Adee and Carl Miller, writing in August 2017:
<p>The existing internet was never meant to cope with billions of users and abusers – though its underlying technology, known as TCP/IP, was designed to survive cold war nuclear annihilation.

Rather than sending data across static network paths, which could be destroyed, TCP/IP will do everything it can to get packets of information from point A to point B via any viable route. It doesn’t care who you are, what you’re sending or who you’re sending it to: all that matters is the internet addresses that need connecting.

This attitude was fine in the 1970s when you could map the entire internet on a single sheet of paper. These days, it is a disaster, making it tough to figure out who people on the internet actually are and stop them doing bad things.

But what if you could assign a unique, permanent and traceable identifier to every phone, laptop, identity or document? Robert Kahn, co-developer of TCP/IP, created just such a system in the early 1990s. As the modern internet struggles, it is starting to get attention.

Rather than dealing with anonymous packets of data, Kahn’s system is based on digital objects – each a specific sequence of bits with its own unique identifier, or handle. This “handle system” is already in limited use on today’s internet. Academic journals use a form of handle called a digital object identifier, aka, DOI, to give research papers a citable and unchanging identity, even if it moves to a new website.

“It’s one identifier for the material that gets you to the material, no matter where it is,” says Kahn. Research papers are just one example. “It can be a movie, a book or chapters of a book,” he says. And using handles to identify parts of a digital object, like a chapter, would provide a massive online security update.</p>

Still true. Still can't really do it.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
The Atlantic Cuts Ties With Conservative Writer Kevin Williamson - The New York Times
The Atlantic magazine on Thursday terminated its relationship with Kevin D. Williamson, the conservative writer whose hiring last month angered liberals and sparked an online debate about what views are considered acceptable in mainstream publications.

It was Mr. Williamson’s hard-line stance on abortion — namely, that it should be treated as premeditated homicide and punished accordingly, perhaps by hanging — that generated the initial controversy over his hiring.

It was that same viewpoint that led to his abrupt departure.

Mr. Williamson expressed it during a Twitter exchange in September 2014. After hiring him in late March, Jeffrey Goldberg, the magazine’s editor in chief, defended Mr. Williamson, saying that he did not want to judge people for their “worst tweets, or assertions, in isolation.”
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6 weeks ago by Quercki
The Curious Case of David Jewberg, the Fake Senior Pentagon Russia Analyst
“Senior Pentagon Russia Analyst LTC David Jewberg” maintained a popular Facebook page and was frequently quoted in Ukrainian and Russian media as a Pentagon insider related to topics concerning Ukraine and Russia. He represented himself as an actual person with the legal name “David Jewberg,” not as a persona or pseudonym.
A number of well-known Russian opposition figures frequently cited David Jewberg as a respected analyst and real-life contact.
David Jewberg is actually an imagined persona connected to a group of individuals inside the U.S. revolving around well-connected American financier Dan K. Rapoport, who was named as the person who wrote under this persona by well-known Russia expert David Satter and other sources in Washington who spoke to Bellingcat. A number of personal friends and professional connections connected to Rapoport helped to prop up this fake persona; for example, photographs from Rapoport’s college friend were used to represent Jewberg and a number of Washington-area friends of Rapoport wrote about Jewberg as if he were a real person.
Dan K. Rapoport is the former owner of the house sold to Ivanka Trump in January 2017. He worked as a financial executive in Russia in the 2000’s, after which he reportedly became active in supporting Russian opposition figures. He moved to Kyiv in late 2016 and most recent reports indicate that he works as a financial executive in Ukraine.
Per legal experts consulted during this investigation, the person(s) who maintained the “David Jewberg” persona created false identification documents, impersonating a federal official with a Pentagon identification card.
The U.S. Department of Defense and State Department have disavowed the existence of David Jewberg, stating that they have never employed a person by this name.
Rapoport has repeatedly denied being the author behind David Jewberg and not acknowledged that “Jewberg” is an imagined persona.
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6 weeks ago by rgl7194
For Stormy Daniels, swatting away Twitter trolls is a work of art - The Washington Post
Stormy Daniels on Twitter has the air of a very smart cat batting off a series of very dumb mice, who come at her under the delusion that the relationship is reversed.
“Scank,” one man tweeted at her on Friday. He has 94 followers and a bio that lists him as “Soldier for the Constitution.”
“The correct spelling is ‘skank,’ ” Daniels replied promptly.
“Actually, ‘skanky whore,’ ” another mouse leaped in, attempting to aid his brethren in the attack.
Daniels cheerfully wrote back: “. . . at least according to my business card.”
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6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Charade | West Hunter
I was watching Charade the other day, not for the first time, and was noticing that the action scenes with Cary Grant (human fly, and fighting George Kennedy) really weren’t very convincing.  Age. But think what it would be like today: we’d see Audrey Hepburn kicking the living shit out of Kennedy, probably cutting his throat with his own claw – while still being utterly adorable.
Was thinking about how there are far too many reviewers, and far too few movies worth reviewing. It might be fun to review the movies that should have been made, instead. Someone ought to make a movie about the life of Konstantin Rokossovsky – an officer arrested and tortured by Stalin (ended up with denailed fingers and steel teeth) who became one of the top Soviet generals. The story would be focused on his command of 16th Army in the final defense of Moscow – an army group composed entirely of penal battalions. The Legion of the Damned.
There hasn’t been a good Gulag Archipelago movie, has there?

One historical movie that I’d really like to see would be about the defense of Malta by the Knights of St. John. That or the defense of Vienna. Either one would be very “timely”, which is a word many reviewers seem to misuse quite laughably these days.
My oldest son made the same suggestion – The Great Siege

Siege of Vienna – Drawing of the Dark?
The Conquest of New Spain.
Only Cortez was fully awake. Him and von Neumann.
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7 weeks ago by nhaliday
Tumblr finally names the 84 accounts it says were Russian trolls | Ars Technica
Tumblr says it "helped indict 13 people who worked for" Internet Research Agency.
On Friday, Tumblr published a list of accounts that it said were linked to "state-sponsored disinformation campaigns."
The list of 84 accounts appeared to have been suspended or deleted, and they are believed to be linked to Russian efforts to influence Americans in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Other tech companies, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google, have previously come forward and even testified before Congress concerning what they experienced on their platforms. However, Tumblr, which is owned by Oath (a Verizon subsidiary), has not.
In February, Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a 37-page indictment against the Internet Research Agency, a well-known Russian bot and troll factory, and named 13 Russians on charges of "conspiracy to defraud the United States," wire fraud, and bank fraud, among others. Tumblr, however, was not specifically named.
crime  DOJ  FBI  gov2.0  legal  mueller  politics  russia  special_counsel  trump  tumblr  troll 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Blockchain for child porn
Bitcoin has images of child sexual abuse embedded in its history
bitcoin  porn  troll  blockchain 
8 weeks ago by nelson
How white nationalists fooled the media about Florida shooter - POLITICO
ABC, AP and others ran with false information on shooter’s ties to extremist groups.
Following misrepresentations by a white nationalist leader and coordinated efforts by internet trolls, numerous researchers and media outlets spread a seemingly false claim that the man charged with killing more than a dozen people at a Florida high school belonged to an extremist group.
Law enforcement agencies say they have no evidence so far to support this claim, and the rumor appears to have been perpetrated by white nationalist trolls themselves.
On Thursday afternoon, the Anti-Defamation League reported that a white supremacist group claimed ties with Nikolas Cruz, who confessed to the shooting spree that killed at least 17 people, including many high-school students, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
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february 2018 by rgl7194

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