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A leaked look at Facebook’s search engine for influencer marketing | TechCrunch
Facebook’s next money-maker could be this tool for connecting marketers to social media creators so they can team up on sponsored-content Facebook ad campaigns. The Branded Content Matching search engine lets advertisers select the biographical characteristics of creators’ fans they want to reach, see stats about these audiences, and contact them to hammer out deals.

Leaked screenshots of Facebook’s promotional materials for the tool were first attained and published in German by TechCrunch has now confirmed with Facebook the existence of the test of the search engine. Facebook first vaguely noted it would build a creator-brand tool in March, but now we know what it looks like and exactly how it works.
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yesterday by dancall
Why beauty brands are shifting their focus from the feed to Instagram Stories | Glossy
Stories, a feature allowing users to share photos and videos featuring extras like filters, stickers, emojis and GIFs for 24 hours, are still new to many brands’ digital strategies. But thanks to algorithmic changes at Instagram that make it harder to reach clients through their photo feeds, brands across the board have begun to embrace the Story option. With Instagram’s recently introduced highlights feature, Stories can be saved to the grid for a permanent shelf life. As a result, brands are using the Story feature to build their own content libraries, and customers are now spending more time scrolling through their Instagram offerings. In 2016, one month after launch, Instagram Stories pulled in 300 million daily active users.
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2 days ago by dancall
Snapchat's murder-mystery show 'Solve' lets users guess the killer | Mobile Marketer
Snapchat last week began streaming a show that lets viewers participate in solving a murder mystery through video content, Variety reported. "Solve" dramatizes a murder based on real events and lets viewers play detective by examining evidence before voting on who they think the killer is. The show then reveals the real culprit and the audience vote.
The three- to four-minute episodes are posted every Wednesday and Saturday in Snapchat's Discover section, which shows professionally produced video, news and magazine content. Snapchat piloted "Solve" as a four-part miniseries in February and reached an audience of 10 million unique viewers, before turning it into a regular series.
Elisabeth Murdoch's Vertical Networks mobile content studio produces "Solve" through its new Interactive Studio Division that's focused on combining video game elements with premium video entertainment. Vertical Networks produced 10 episodes of "Solve" and is currently casting another 40 roles for the next group of shows.
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2 days ago by dancall
Facebook tests influencer search engine for marketers | Marketing Dive
Facebook is testing a new tool that would help match advertisers with social media creators, TechCrunch confirmed with the social media company. The Branded Content Matching search engine lets marketers choose influencers based on characteristics of creators’ fans and see stats about their audiences.
The social network is initially focusing on lifestyle creators and brands, per the report. Creators can opt in to participate in the test and set up a portfolio that includes their audience size, metrics and samples of branded content. 
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2 days ago by dancall
Resources - Jaap Grolleman
Since the beginning of 2018 I’ve been collecting quotes, articles and reports from many tweeps and organisations like BBH Labs, the IPA and Thinkbox, who — to me — are an invaluable goldmine of information. Here’s a list of most of what I found useful.
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4 days ago by dancall
Truck market speeding toward 70%
Seven of the top 10 selling vehicles in the U.S. this year are light trucks, vs. six in the top 10 in all of 2017.

It's the tiniest of those vehicles — subcompact crossovers — that are propelling the market, with sales up 61 percent in March and 38 percent year-to-date.
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4 days ago by automotive
The 0% auto loan era fading into America's rearview mirror
Car manufacturers that took advantage of near-zero benchmark rates to cheaply lure buyers into showrooms now have to look to other tools in their battle for market share. As those kinds of financing deals fall off the table, automakers are leaning more on cash incentives or discounted lease payments to draw buyers within a shrinking market. J.D. Power estimates car companies were offering discounts of more than 10 percent off suggested retail prices as of mid-March.
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4 days ago by automotive
KBB: Average New-Car Price Jumps 2% in March - Top News - DP's Office - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
The 2% year-over-year increase in the ATP was headlined by SUVs, particularly in the mid-size and full-size segments, the firm noted. “Although fuel prices were up last month, SUV sales remain strong and new models like the Chevrolet Traverse and Lincoln Navigator helped elevate their respective segments,” said Kelley Blue Book analyst Tim Fleming.
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4 days ago by automotive
Germany Acts to Tame Facebook, Learning From Its Own History of Hate - The New York Times
As the world confronts these rising forces, Europe, and Germany in particular, have emerged as the de facto regulators of the industry, exerting influence beyond their own borders. Berlin’s digital crackdown on hate speech, which took effect on Jan. 1, is being closely watched by other countries. And German officials are playing a major role behind one of Europe’s most aggressive moves to rein in technology companies, strict data privacy rules that take effect across the European Union on May 25 and are prompting global changes.
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4 days ago by dancall
Welcome - Startups 100 by Start up a successful business
Ultimately, the Startups 100 aims to do something that DCMN also does on a daily basis: to support the market leaders of tomorrow along their growth trajectory and acknowledge the disruptive ideas that will change the way we live and work for the better.
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4 days ago by dancall
Amazon's Mechanical Turk has Reinvented Research | JSTOR Daily
Turkers—and the larger online survey ecosystem of which they are a part—have helped address several methodological problems that have long bedevilled academic researchers. First, online survey respondents give academic researchers an alternative to the tried-and-tired practice of treating undergraduates as guinea pigs. As psychology scholars Michael Buhrmester et al. note in their 2011 assessment of Mechanical Turk data, “[c]ommentators have long lamented the heavy reliance on American college samples in the field of psychology and more generally those from a small sector of humanity.”
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4 days ago by dancall
Home | The Sound: Exploration Strategy Innovation
The modern home has been destabilized by economic and social pressures to the point where it is no longer recognizable. Instead of re-stabilizing, home is moving towards something more flexible and decentralized.
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5 days ago by dancall
Eniac’s Top 10 Takeaways from TED – Eniac Ventures – Medium
This year the Eniac Team descended upon Vancouver for Ted Age of Amazement. And the event really did live up to its name. It was a week of non-stop discovery.
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5 days ago by dancall

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