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NADA Predicts New Car Sales to Decline Slightly in 2019 |
Rising interest rates, falling incentives will push some buyers out.
sales  trends 
12 hours ago by automotive
CPQ Needs To Scale And Support Smarter, More Connected Products
"Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms has the potential of providing a single, unified data model across an entire manufacturing operation, giving manufacturers a single unified view of product configurations across their lifecycles. Producing smart, connected products at scale also requires a system capable of presenting a unified view of configurations in the linguistics each department can understand. Engineering, production, marketing, sales, and service all need a unique view of product configurations to keep producing new products. Leaders in this field include Configit and their Configuration Lifecycle Management approach to CPQ and product configuration."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  cad  configit  configuration  lifecycle  management  configure  price  quote  cpq  crm  integration 
14 hours ago by jonerp
20 web design trends for 2019 (Webflow Blog)
Обзор трендов от Webflow. Начало достаточно стандартное, но отмечено много действительно свежих вещей.
UX  trends  design  issue 
yesterday by jvetrau
Sneaker Generator (Micah Price)
Генератор дизайна кроссовок.
design  AI  algorithms  trends  experimental  tools 
2 days ago by jvetrau
What’s Trending in Kitchen Renovation for 2019
A kitchen renovation is a fantastic way to rejuvenate a home! Here are some of the trends that will take over the market in 2019.
kitchen-renovation  trends  2019 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Smart speaker sales set to soar | Deloitte Insights
The challenge is not just getting people to try out voice assistants, but their general (historic) disinterest in voice recognition per se. Figure 3 shows the extent of usage of voice recognition in a number of major markets. For all countries represented in the figure, smartphone penetration exceeds 75 percent. Yet awareness of the smartphone’s voice recognition capability is low (averaging 21 percent), and usage is even lower (averaging 6 percent). And although usage is growing, it is only growing by 1 percentage point per year on average, and that is from a very low base.
voice  trends  stats  echo 
2 days ago by dancall
29 Rooms - Mastercard ecommerce
- via Katajun Sorusch 'Did you see this awesome case from Mastercard & Fred Segal: a virtual shop which reminds me of Google Street view and where you can go shopping? When you spend more than 200$ and pay with Mastercard you get a 30% discount'
ecommerce  trends  future  payment  coupons 
2 days ago by dancall

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