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Take To-Do's To Trello: All The Ways To Send Tasks To Your Board
It’s easy to turn almost any incoming request into a to-do in Trello. Grab these tips for sending tasks to Trello from your email, chat messages, voicemail...
yesterday by njr11
Trello Launches Mac App with Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, Native Notifications, and More – MacStories
Trello Launches Mac App with Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, Native Notifications, and More→ - Added September 13, 2017 at 10:50AM
macapp  productivity  trello 
2 days ago by xenocid
Ways to use Trello
Use Trello for tracking, discussing, sharing, storing, etc
Trello  Productivity 
12 days ago by jakarnes
How To Format Your Text in Trello - Trello Help
<p> Markdown is a simple language used to add formatting to text. Trello uses a modified version of the Markdown syntax. It allows you to easily add bold, itali
Personal_Effectiveness  Trello  Markdown_Syntax 
19 days ago by dragonleg

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