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Gingko App
When overwhelmed with a major writing project,
or trying to fit all the pieces of your life together,
how do you get organized?

Do you:

Start writing lists?
Start with an outline?
Reach for a stack of index cards?
Why not all of the above?

Gingko is a new kind of tool, that lets you shape your ideas
with lists, outlines and cards, all in the same clean interface.

Let your ideas flow freely into place.
tools  writing  text  editor  freemium 
4 hours ago by dicewitch
Top 5 Media Streaming Tools for Linux
Top 5 Media Streaming Tools for Linux
Top  5  Media  Streaming  Tools  Linux 
5 hours ago by kilroy2
How to Embed Snapchat Stories – Jacob Catalano – Medium
Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how to embed a Snapchat story using Peek.
Step 1: Download the Peek app
Step 2: Copy the URL for the Snapchat Story using the Peek app (see below for instructions)
snapchat  Embedding  tools 
6 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Where Goes
Expand shortened URLs
security  tools 
9 hours ago by m_s
How to Migrate Emails from Maildir to Gmail
Being a lazy programmer I thought the easiest way would be writing a small program that automates this. It would do one email at a time. If the operation failed, it will also know where to resume. The end result? A small Python script that's conveniently named as
tools  mail 
10 hours ago by rmohns
Python requests
> Convert curl syntax to Python, Node.js, PHP

Get a curl command from Chrome
1) Open the network tab in Chrome DevTools (Cmd + Opt + I)
2) Control-click a request and navigate to "Copy as cURL".
3) Paste it in the curl command box.

javascript  python  tools  web  http 
11 hours ago by sechilds

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