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Clojure Code Quality Tools -
…when I write Clojure code, I want nice tooling to help me manage code quality, namespace management, and out-of-date dependencies. What tools do I use on a day-to-day basis for this? In this post, I’ll show 5 tools that I use in my workflow every day on Clojure projects, and also provide some other tools for further exploration.
programming  tools  testing  clojure 
10 hours ago by aviflax
NetsBlox - Web Snap
Snap with connections to Web APIS
block based programming
teaching  cs  tools 
11 hours ago by ahansberry
NetLogo Web + Download
Page to access net logo web and to download the desktop client
teaching  abm  tools  cs 
12 hours ago by ahansberry
Netlogo HubNet Web - Group Based Cloud Computing
in development version of NetLogo HubNet models on the web with cloud sharing options
teaching  arm  tools  cs 
12 hours ago by ahansberry
Online URL Encoder
URL encode or decode a string for safe use in URLs
12 hours ago by mannieschumpert
Astropad | Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet
Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac.
design  drawing  ios  mac  ipad  tablet  App  apple  tools  osx 
13 hours ago by llimllib
The Open button—why it may not appear – Dropbox
requires Flash for full functionality; requires files to have been synced to desktop
reference  tools 
13 hours ago by paulp

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