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Establish a typographic system with modular scale & vertical rhythm
typography  layout  tools 
8 minutes ago by mycotn
SurveyJS is out of Beta – Hacker Noon
Project SurveyJS includes three products:

- A JavaScript library that enables you to run surveys on your websites (open-source and free).
- A cloud service that allows you to create and store surveys, download and analyze their results (currently free for use).
- An embeddable JavaScript-based survey editor UI (free non-commercial and paid commercial-use licenses are available).

This article reviewed the latest new features we have implemented in SurveyJS Library. To learn more about functionality provided by Project SurveyJS, to review documentation with live samples, or to contact us with questions, visit our about website at
javascript  tools  forms  surveys 
9 minutes ago by ianmclaury
russellgoldenberg/scrollama: Scrollytelling with IntersectionObserver.
Scrollama is a modern & lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events.
Design  Javascript  Reference  Inspiration  WebDesign  tools  resource  scroll  storytelling  p-narratives  ToDo  RSD 
1 hour ago by rasagy
GitHub - gchaincl/httplab: The interactive web server
"HTTPLabs let you inspect HTTP requests and forge responses."
http  api  development  opensource  tools 
1 hour ago by eric.brechemier
Like Little Snitch, but open source
mac  tools  opensource  security  osx 
5 hours ago by VoxPelli

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