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The Music in Speech — Twenty Thousand Hertz
Great dive into the musicality of speech. Reminds me of the theory that language actually began sung, not spoken.
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april 2018 by jntolva | Eure Facebook Seite hat jetzt Gefühle
"So können eure Seiten jetzt auch an ein Statusupdate die passende Emotion oder die passende Tätigkeit anhängen." - Herausforderung für Inhaltsanalyse
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Twitter / wearemacphun: Today we're pleased to launch ...
Today we're pleased to launch Tonality, new app for creating epic B&W images. More:
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Speakers of tonal languages are better able to hear music, study finds - The Globe and Mail

The study involved 54 adults, including English-speaking musicians, English-speaking non-musicians and Cantonese-speaking non-musicians. While English is atonal, Cantonese is based on six tones. The three groups were asked to perform a series of tests that gauged their general cognitive abilities, such as general intelligence and working memory (short-term retention and manipulation of information), and their ability to recall and discriminate between melodies and musical pitches.
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april 2013 by quant18
Cornell Psychology: People: Faculty
The cognition of tonality – as we know it today.
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march 2013 by mikerugnetta
Tone Sandhi in Shanghainese | Sinoglot
Tones as a speaker of Mandarin or Cantonese would think of them are significant in Shanghainese. When syllables are isolated, you may find them to be as relevant as any other Sinitic language; each character has a tone and it is always that tone when in isolation. 白 is bǎi across the board. But, as a speaker of Mandarin, you know that 白 isn’t always bǎi, specifically when paired with another 3rd tone, such as in the case of 白马. In this case tone sandhi rules come into play, making it change from bǎi mǎ to bái mǎ. In Shanghainese, it’s all a lot easier. Instead of thinking of syllable to syllable tone sandhi, instead think of it as phrasal tone sandhi. The tones show up when a syllable or character is isolated, but when it’s in the middle of a sentence, the tone doesn’t matter. That’s because in Shanghainese tones only really matter at the beginning of phrases. In phrase-initial position where they determine the contour of the rest of the phrase. So with our bicycle example, 脚踏车 would be one phrase, and since 脚 is what we’ll call tone #8, we can look at the rules for determining the phrasal contour and know that it’s LHL (or MHL if we want to get specific).
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