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98% of kids 8 years and under now live in a home with at least one mobile device. #edchat

— Will Richardson (@willrich45) October 19, 2017
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yesterday by willrichardson
Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Become a Democrat
The truth is that the Democratic Party needs the Vermont Senator more than he needs them. Eve Peyser Oct 19 2017, 4:00am
ToTag  USPolitics  *Editorial  @  19/10/2017 
yesterday by Jared_Timm
Manchester City and Napoli declare war on joylessness in football
Manchester City and Napoli declare war on joylessness in football Around the time of the FIFA World Cup in 2010 there was a fleeting strand of conversation on BBC Radio Five Live’s World Football Phone-In about the idea that joylessness has a negative effect on the football experience, even when your team is winning.
ToTag  Football  *Editorial  @Chris  Nee  17/10/2017 
3 days ago by Jared_Timm
Scoop: Trump privately predicts he will appoint four justices
They swear he's not joking. Sources who've spoken to the president about the Supreme Court say he tells them he thinks he'll have appointed four justices by the end of his first term. "It's all about the numbers for him," one source said.
ToTag  DonaldTrump  USPolitics  *reporting  @Jonathan  Swan  15/10/2017 
3 days ago by Jared_Timm
An attempt at deciphering the genius of Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne
I’ve been watching Kevin De Bruyne’s pass to Leroy Sane for several hours now, and I’m still trying to work out how he manages it. It wasn’t even an assist - it was the assist for an assist, for Manchester City’s second goal in the 7-2 win against Stoke last Saturday.
ToTag  Football  *Editorial  @Jonathan  Liew  16/10/2017 
3 days ago by Jared_Timm
Ken Early: Mourinho bluster can’t hide his side’s ultra-defensive tactics
At a quarter to three on Saturday afternoon, Jurgen Klopp summed up Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with Manchester United. United wanted one point and got it, Liverpool wanted three and didn’t get it, so United were the happier side.
ToTag  Football  *Editorial  @  16/10/2017 
4 days ago by Jared_Timm

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