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american fuzzy lop
Fuzzing tool for finding exploits in binaries
programming  security  testing  infosec  netsec 
5 hours ago by agius
SortSite Desktop: One click website testing
SortSite is a one-click web site testing tool used by federal agencies, Fortune 100 corporations and independent consultancies. The tool is available as a desktop application for Mac or Windows, and is also available as a web application.
testing  accessibility 
8 hours ago by willcanderson
Kolmogorov-Smirnov vs Mann-Whitney test
"The KS test is sensitive to any differences in the two distributions. Substantial differences in shape, spread or median will result in a small P value. In contrast, the MW test is mostly sensitive to changes in the median."
statistics  testing 
11 hours ago by lucastheis
Speedometer 2.0
Speedometer is a browser benchmark that measures the responsiveness of Web applications. It uses demo web applications to simulate user actions such as adding to-do items.
Your browser window is too small. For most accurate results, please make the view port size at least 850px by 650px.
It's currently 623px by 928px.
webdev  testing  tools  performance 
13 hours ago by mathieup
Monitor the front-end performance and build of your website. Compare yourself to others and beat the competition. Start a 30 day free trial now!
performance  speed  testing  webdevelopment  devops  tool 
17 hours ago by garrettc

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