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Next PDB - 15 November 2017
Chris Edwards, Lecturer, Institute of Educational Technology
In our team meeting this morning, and it is clear that KD is no longer working. I must therefore post another version of the file I posted 3 hours ago.
institutions status (OUUK) 22-Nov v2.docx
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Francis Brouns, Researcher with expertise on open source / open access / IP
Dear Roumiana,

attached our status.

kind regards,
institutions status_OUNL.docx
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Roumiana Peytcheva-Forsyth, Pilots Manager
Thank you, Frances! It will be great if you send me the description of the assessment scenarios as well :-)

Best wishes


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Mariana Durcheva, assoc. professor
Dear All,
a teacher of our team reported today also that KD is no longer working. 
Best regards,
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Chris Edwards, Lecturer, Institute of Educational Technology
Yes, it's not for us either.
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yesterday by ndf
Tesla Semi questions from a truck driver - Autoblog
I only have space here to address a few issues, so we'll start with the central seating position. I don't see how that helps a trucker. I already get "a commanding view of the road" in a traditional truck because I sit six feet above traffic. What I need is a commanding view of my own truck, which the central seating position compromises. The worst blind spot in a tractor is next to the doors; in the Tesla Semi, I can't lean over to see if there's a Toyota Corolla camped out beside me. The central seating position hampers my commanding view when I need that view most: when I back up. For any backing maneuver, I watch both sides of the trailer in my mirrors to make sure I don't clobber anything, or I lean out of the truck to watch the trailer as I back. Being able to physically watch the trailer – not camera images on screens – can be the difference between making a clean back-up or making an insurance claim.
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2 days ago by dancall
The Real Genius of Tesla Roadster – Om Malik
The new Tesla Roadster is quite a beauty, even though it is not quite a roadster in the classic sense. It is more like a 4-seater with a removable roof. But still, hubba hubba! I mean who would not want a supercar. Especially the Founders edition for a mere $250,000. When compared to those mega-million dollar Bugattis this is downright cheap.
For those who are doubting on Tesla’s ability to make these supercars – remember way easier to make a 1000 supercars for fanboys versus making 100,000 sedans a year for hoi polloi. The doubting toms are obviously going to bring up some challenges of math and physics to make this happen, but that does not take away the fact that it is a middle-aged dream, a fantasy even.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
The specs of the Tesla Roadster are simply mind-boggling | iMore
Tesla started the day unveiling their electric Semi. They ended it blowing minds with the new Roadster.
Tesla is in a unique position right now. It's not a new company — the first examples of the first-generation Tesla Roadster rolled out nearly ten years ago. It's also not a huge company, as far as an automaker is concerned, but the have massive ambitions. And despite a history of not being able to deliver products on time and rarely managing a profitable business, Tesla is still aggressively expanding their charging infrastructure, manufacturing capacity, and product line-up.
Two long-anticipated expansions of that line-up came this week: the Tesla Semi and the second-generation Tesla Roadster — the latter of which came as a surprise "one more thing" to end the planned Semi unveiling. Tesla's Elon Musk is in no way the master showman that was Steve Jobs and his legendary Apple events, but he has something else up his sleeve: an earnest and goofy excitement and energy about the latest in electrified transport.
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5 days ago by rgl7194

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