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Kilning off first batch of heritage Irish malting barley grown ourselves, very exciting
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10 weeks ago by shawnday
🌈🎨 "Ville rose" ou "or bleu" du pays de ... Et si on voyait l' en couleurs avec Delphin…
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november 2019 by ljegou
Toxic City – The Inner Frame
There are (at least) two aspects of the DePauw Nature Park that I haven’t written about that make this place fascinating to me. One is the structure of the ground. 
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december 2017 by Vaguery
RT : Science & Wine Conference in Portugal on Sept 7th will discuss new research linking 2
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august 2017 by CraigCamp
Untitled (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/355432595578620820/)
Wine aromas explained. | Missouri Wine Infographics- Learn about wine the fun way! #
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april 2017 by CraigCamp
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA5MedQNwZI&feature=youtu.be)
We invite you for a tour through the Calchaquíes Valleys, where some of our wines are born..
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march 2017 by CraigCamp
Coffee terroir is defined by far more than country of origin.
Does this mean that geography is a useless way of thinking about coffee? Not exactly. Generally, there are discernible differences between coffee beans from various regions—but they’re very broad. “African coffees tend to be light in body, but they’re bright. Latin American coffee tends to fall between Asian coffee and Indonesian and Indian coffee, which tend to be full in body and light in acidity,” Tansil says.

“I would say that you certainly are going to find, very generally speaking, a certain kind of flavor in East Africa, certainly Ethiopia. You’re gonna find a certain flavor in India, in southeast Asia. That’s not in anyone’s imagination, those are real differences,” Balkcom explains as we slurp a fruity Zimbabwean pour-over.
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march 2017 by ianmclaury

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