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Speed up your Mac via hidden prefs | The Robservatory
“Here are three of my favorites—three that not only perceptually but actually increase the speed of your interactions with your Mac. I still, to this day, execute these commands on any new Mac I set up.”
mac  macos  osx  2016  terminal  prefs  defaults 
yesterday by handcoding
Speed Up an Old Mac By Disabling These Animations
“Disabling animations makes OS X feel a bit faster, though it also makes it a little less fun to use. Still, if you’re sick of everything being slow, you can dig into the command line to fix things up. These are verified to work in OS X El Capitan, though they should also work in Yosemite.”
lifehacker  2015  mac  macos  osx  terminal  shell  defaults  animation 
yesterday by handcoding
An Awk tutorial by Example
An Awk tutorial by example. Learn practical Awk incantations in just a few minutes.
reference  terminal 
yesterday by oclupaca
Shell Tricks: quick start scripts
Here's another little Bash function. It makes it possible to create a new script in one command, creating the file with shebang, making it executable, and opening it in your editor.
automation  mac  terminal 
2 days ago by barbarian_geek
Shortcuts to improve your bash & zsh productivity
So, you hate using a terminal? That might be, because you use the arrow keys to navigate character by character through a long command just ...
productivity  terminal  zsh 
2 days ago by barbarian_geek
WTF - A Terminal Dashboard
Personal information dashboard for the terminal.
2 days ago by cd

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