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spolu/warp: Secure and simple terminal sharing
Secure and simple terminal sharing

warp lets you securely share your terminal with one simple command: warp open. When connected to your warp, clients can see your terminal exactly as if they were sitting next to you. You can also grant them write access, the equivalent of handing them your keyboard.

warp distinguishes itself from "tmux/screen over ssh" by its focus and ease of use as it does not require an SSH access to your machine or a shared server for others to collaborate with you.

Despite being still quite experimental, warp has already proven itself useful especially in the context of:

Interaction with remote team-members
New engineer onboarding (navigating code in group without projection)
terminal  share  sharing  shell 
13 hours ago by awhite
50 Useful Command Line Tools Developers Will Love
A sizeable roundup of cool command line utilities ranging from web development to time tracking. There's even a cool Facebook CLI I hadn't seen before. (And one of my projects, Doing, made the list).
CLI  Useful  productivity  Terminal 
yesterday by miguelb
Termux — An Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app
Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically - additional packages are available using the APT package manager.
android  software  cli  terminal  open-source 
yesterday by mikael
Boyobu cheat sheet
for boyobu screen handler

F2 - Create a new window
F4 - Move to next window
F6 - Detach from this session
boyobu  screen  bash  terminal  tmux 
yesterday by w1nt3rmut3
A fork of MinTTY for WSL
windows  wsl  terminal 
2 days ago by alanpearce

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