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exa - A modern replacement for ls
exa is a modern replacement for ls. It uses colours for information by default, helping you distinguish between many types of files, such as whether you are the owner, or in the owning group. It also has extra features not present in the original ls, such as viewing the Git status for a directory, or recursing into directories with a tree view. exa is written in Rust, so it’s small, fast, and portable.
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23 hours ago by messofpottage
How to change where screenshots are saved on Mac
Taking a screenshot on a Mac is effortless. Simply hold down Command-Shift-3 to capture the entire screen, or Command-Shift-4 to capture a highlighted area. You can even hold down Command-Shift-4 and then hit the space bar to screenshot a specific window or menu.

The only annoying part is that screenshots are saved to the desktop by default, which creates a cluttered mess if you take a lot of screenshots. The good news is that there is an easy solution for changing the location where screenshots are saved.
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yesterday by rtopitt
macos - "File Open" dialog is missing sidebar items - Ask Different
cd ~/Library/Preferences && sudo find com.apple.finder.plist* -exec rm {} \; && killall Finder
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yesterday by mbohea
Tilix: A tiling terminal emulator
Tilix is an advanced GTK3 tiling terminal for Linux based on the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).
terminal  linux  software  foss  opensource 
yesterday by catichenor
Split a CSV on Mac OSX
I've had to deal with uploading big data csv files a lot. It's a pain when you encounter timeouts and upload limits, sometimes your only choice is to split the file into smaller files.

I want to show you how to do this in 3 easy steps with the Terminal!
CSV  Mac  Terminal 
3 days ago by BIAJames

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