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State Attorneys General Said to Be Near Formal Investigation of Tech Companies - The New York Times
The state attorneys general in more than a dozen states are preparing to begin an antitrust investigation of the tech giants, according to two people briefed on the discussions, increasing pressure on the companies. State Attorneys General Said to Be Near Formal Investigation of Tech Companies
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11 hours ago by Agiza
When Influencers Switch Platforms—and Bare It All | WIRED
My fascination with this community began last year, when a friend made a casual reference to OnlyFans over dinner. Intrigued, I inquired among other friends. Had they also heard of the site? Were there other platforms like it?
12 hours ago by fpaulus
How Facebook does IT | TechCrunch
Deep dive into Facebook’s internal IT infrastructure. It does everything itself basically, and the tools aspire to the same experience as their consumer-facing products. This seems to be an aspect they got right, it would be interesting if Facebook decides to start selling some of this... “Chances are then, that Facebook will bring some of the tools it built for internal use to more enterprises in the long run. That definitely puts a different spin on the idea of the consumerization of enterprise tech. Clearly, not every company operates at the scale of Facebook and needs to build its own tools — and even some companies that could benefit from it don’t have the resources to do so. For Facebook, though, that move seems to have paid off and the tools I saw while talking to the team definitely looked more user-friendly than any off-the-shelf enterprise tools I’ve seen at other large companies.”
12 hours ago by fpaulus

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