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How access to broadband internet—or the lack thereof—widens the gap between high- and low-income households.
This may be true, but it is also Comcast advertising: Crafted by The Atlantic’s marketing team and paid for by Comcast.

To bad this data does not make Comcast feel responsible for including rural America rather than just taking the sweet spot of the market.
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Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
Teens, in turn, seem to be content with this homebody arrangement—not because they’re so studious, but because their social life is lived on their phone. They don’t need to leave home to spend time with their friends.

Facebook acknowledged that the document was real, but denied that it offers “tools to target people based on their emotional state.”
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The Instagrammable Charm of the Bourgeoisie | Boston Review
Analyzes the similarities between the dominant aesthetics of Instagram and the picturesque movement of the late 18th-early 20th century. In particular, the way each reflects the economic conditions of its time, and the desire to use appealing images to promote a particular idea of oneself in the minds of viewers. Probably stretching in a couple of places; seems to assume that everything everyone does on Instagram is more calculated than I think it actually is. (E.g., using the dog ears filter in Stories to convey an image of playfulness, as opposed to thinking "hey, that looks funny!" and sending it out without much thought).
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