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A Mechanical Thumb That Automatically Swipes Right On Every Potential Tinder Match - Digg
A Mechanical Thumb That Automatically Swipes Right On Every Potential Tinder Match via Digg If you are desperate need of a "Tinda Finger," you may want to start re-evaluating your life choices.
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12 hours ago by joeo10
The Pirate Book – The Pirate Book – A compilation of stories about sharing, distributing and experiencing cultural contents outside the boundaries of local economies, politics, or laws
"This work offers a broad view on media piracy as well as a variety of comparative perspectives on recent issues and historical facts regarding piracy. It contains a compilation of texts on grass­roots situations whose stories describe strategies developed to share, distribute and experience cultural content outside of the confines of local economies, politics or laws. These stories recount the experiences of individuals from India, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Mali and China. The book is structured in four parts and begins with a collection of stories on piracy dating back to the invention of the printing press and expanding to broader issues (historical and modern anti­piracy technologies, geographically­ specific issues, as well as the rules of the Warez scene, its charters, structure and visual culture…)."
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13 hours ago by trewbot
Avoiding Cameras While Training the Lens on Food - The New York Times
How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Pete Wells, The Times’s restaurant critic, discussed the tech he is using.
14 hours ago by ritzluna
McAfee joins the anti-Kaspersky witch hunt in shitty attempt to sell a few boxes
McAfee joins the anti-Kaspersky witch hunt in shitty attempt to sell a few boxes
grahamcluley  technology 
14 hours ago by slogger

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