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The most exciting new HomeKit devices coming in 2019 | Cult of Mac
Apple’s stealth play to hype HomeKit devices at CES gave the home-automation platform a major boost. A slew of new HomeKit-compatible devices are headed our way. From locks and TVs to blinds and video doorbells, they promise to make smart homes more…
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1 hour ago by evansthompson
Anchor says it’s ‘powering’ 40 percent of new podcasts – TechCrunch
Podcasting’s greatest asset has always been its accessibility — for consumer and creator alike. But even the simplest medium requires a little know-how, and Anchor’s overarching goal has long been to further lower the barrier of entry for those look…
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Roku Adds Automatic Sign-Out Mode for Those With Regular Houseguests | Digital Trends
Arriving at a hotel or Airbnb guest house and seeing there’s a Roku device already installed on the TV is a great feeling. Realizing once you’re on the plane back home that you’ve forgotten to log out of that Roku, however, is a terrible feeling. vi…
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Feds can't force suspects to unlock phones with finger, face
No one wants to end up in a situation where they are arguing with a cop over unlocking a phone. However, if you do find yourself in such a situation, there’s something you should know: Cops can’t force people to unlock a mobile phone with their face…
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1 hour ago by evansthompson
Wrest control from a snooping smart speaker with this teachable ‘parasite’ – TechCrunch
What do you get when you put one Internet connected device on top of another? A little more control than you otherwise would in the case of Alias the “teachable ‘parasite'” — an IoT project smart speaker topper made by two designers, Bjørn Karmann a…
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Xiaomi's new in-display fingerprint sensor solves one big issue
2018 was the year of the in-display fingerprint sensor, as everyone from Oppo and Vivo to Huawei and Xiaomi adopted the feature. It now seems like Xiaomi is readying an improved take on the technology, as it’s reportedly demonstrated an in-display s…
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1 hour ago by evansthompson
'Cake' Will Sweeten the Process of Dying in the Digital Age
A few years ago, ahead of a scheduled operation, I had to hire an attorney to draw up my last will and testament. Per the hospital's instructions, I was also told to bring a copy of my Advance Directive, or instructions on when to pull the plug. It …
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How to Make a Photoshop Action to Create a Photo Art Effect
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make Photoshop actions to create your own photo effects.
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