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A day at the game with an SNL alum and a (real) celebrity Rams fan - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN
LOS ANGELES -- Taran Killam’s excitement reached a fever pitch near the end of the third quarter.
It wasn’t just that the defense was dominating or that the offense was flowing or that his beloved Los Angeles Rams were riding a 27-point lead over the division-rival Arizona Cardinals with less than 20 minutes remaining. It was that they were doing it all without Greg Zuerlein, their All-Pro kicker, a circumstance that forced them to attempt two-point conversions at inopportune times and even prompted their punter, Johnny Hekker, to try a couple of field goals.
Killam, the actor and comedian of “Saturday Night Live” fame, expressed his unbridled joy the only way he knows how. He grabbed the smartphone out of his shorts, turned it toward his face and screamed into it from the top of his lungs on this searing Sunday afternoon.
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COMET TV Sci-fi Network
COMET is a new television channel dedicated to sci-fi entertainment offering popular favorites, cult classics, and undiscovered gems, every day. Watch COMET and Space Out.
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Video Credits - TV Tropes
At the beginning of the Closing Credits, a short clip of each of the major characters is shown and caption shows the actor's name. The clips are usually from scenes earlier in the show/film, but sometimes they might be extra footage.
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Samba Case Study: TV Data Increases Microsoft Ad Recall | Samba TV Audience Platform
When Microsoft set out to promote its new Surface lineup the primary objectives were to increase ad recall amongst audiences not exposed to Surface TV commercials, and stay top of mind with consumers that were faced with many competitive options.

Secondary goals included aligning the Surface with specific TV content, finding new audiences that were unexposed to Surface TV spots, and extending reach for the existing TV campaign.
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