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Why Can't Americans Watch British TV Shows as Soon as They Air? - The Atlantic
Why, in a global marketplace that has the technological capability for content to be available simultaneously around the world, aren't people, regardless of where they live, able to enjoy content—be it 56 Up or a host of other films and shows—as soon as it's released? Is it due to corporate contractual obligations? Is it part of global sales strategies? Or maybe just inertia of doing things the old way? The answer, I discovered, is a little bit of all three.
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4 hours ago by toastednut
FileBot - The ultimate TV and Movie Renamer
FileBot makes organizing your movies and TV shows a breeze! We'll automatically match your files with information from various online databases. How you want your media files to be named and organized is completely up to you. Our groovy format engine supports pretty much anything!
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6 hours ago by J0hnS
Facebook is shutting down its connected-TV ad network - Digiday
Two years after Facebook extended its Audience Network ad network to the connected-TV market, Facebook is shutting down the connected-TV side of its ad network and will stop selling ads inside publishers’ OTT apps by January 2019, according to a company spokesperson. “We worked with a small set of publishers to test monetizing their connected-TV apps with ads from Audience Network and ultimately decided not to move forward with the concept,” said the spokesperson in an emailed statement.
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7 hours ago by dancall
Enhance Your 4K TV Experience With DreamScreen Lighting | The Daily Caller
Most people automatically think that the most cinematic experience they can have with their 4K TV is to turn all the lights off and close the drapes. Naturally, you don’t want light streaming in from outside sources to cause glare & distraction, but…
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9 hours ago by evansthompson
Live broadcast TV represented 60% of video consumption on televisions in early 2012 but only 44% at the end of 2017
A new whitepaper from Parks Associates reports live broadcast TV represented 60% of video consumption on televisions in early 2012 but only 44% at the end of 2017. The firm, which will host Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media on December 10-12 in California, notes that live viewing continues to decline, with survey data from 3Q 2018 showing live broadcast video now accounts for 42% of all video consumption on a TV. “Video’s Critical Path: Success at Web Speed,” sponsored by MediaKind, documents the overall decline of pay-TV subscribers in North America and the shift to OTT video services, which consumers are embracing in large numbers.
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9 hours ago by dancall
70 years apart, navy lieutenants have more in common than they think | CBC News
Both lieutenants in the navy, Jennifer Martin, 34, and David Howard, 99, compare their experiences
Jennifer Martin and David Howard had never met, but they share a bond few Canadians have experienced.
Both Martin and Howard have served their country as lieutenants in the navy — Howard in the Second World War during the Battle of the Atlantic, and Martin, who is currently in the service, with her first tour deploying in 2009 to Afghanistan.
CBC Toronto brought the pair together to share their experiences, 70 years apart.
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21 hours ago by rgl7194

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