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CARRIE IN A SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carrie brownstein portlandia
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3 hours ago by rgl7194
Season two of 19-2 debuts with school-shooting episode | Montreal Gazette
It’s a riveting hour of television, both due to the situation but also the dramatic visual style. Both the original French version and the English adaptation feature an eye-catching 13-minute sequence with no cuts, something almost never seen on television.
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6 hours ago by cmananian
19-2 : treize minutes de terreur | Hugo Dumas | Hugo Dumas
Il s'agit plutôt d'un regard sans complaisance sur ce qui peut se passer de pire dans la vie d'un patrouilleur. Et comme l'histoire se charge de nous le rappeler, le pire arrive trop souvent. Malheureusement.
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6 hours ago by cmananian
Black Mirror Tech - Product Hunt
Apple AirPods Wireless earphones from Apple
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17 hours ago by mayrav
Blue Planet II Is the Greatest Nature Series Of All Time
"Seventeen years after the original Blue Planet, the BBC Natural History Unit has perfected the art of the blockbuster documentary."
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23 hours ago by jimmykduong
Den of Geek | Cult TV, Movies, Games & Comics Reviewed
Who will be the next Superman? What's going on in Doctor Who? What sequels are coming? What comics are becoming movies? All your geek news in one place.
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yesterday by guilleten
CES 2018: real advances, real progress, real questions • Learning by Shipping
Steve Sinofsky (you know, the skateboarding on a Surface guy) went to Vegas:
<p>I’m confident that a core problem with voice right now are expectations. There’s all sorts of real world problems from home guests to people standing outside a window yelling into your house to deal with, but one does quickly get used to walking into a room and saying “Alexa please turn the lights on” and of course if you can also get questions about the weather and so on answered along with music, this is a net add.

Where voice really disappoints is the same way that almost every new product disappoints—it doesn’t do as much as you’d like or can imagine. Tech enthusiasts have been trying to do home automation scenarios for years—the idea of “programming” your home to lock the doors, arm perimeter security, turn off inside lights (except the bedroom), turn off the TV, turn on the baby monitor and so on all to the command “bedtime”. That’s not going to happen and anyone with that design point will fail. This will fail just like that microwave button “reheat” doesn’t work or voice response systems asking you “state your problem” always take you “please hold while I connect you to an operator”.

I’m optimistic about voice for basic command and control. Beyond that we are at the very early stages with a good deal of frustration ahead…

…[re TV sets]All the major players were showing large (up to 85") OLED screens all ultra-thin. Here’s a CES thing to notice. The fancy “not yet shipping” OLED TVs all have integrated bases upon which the 5mm screens rest. These bases are speaker bars and use some of the depth gained to enable a rear-firing subwoofer on the back of the panel. Since everyone is showing these it is likely where things are heading after 15 years of over the fireplace wall mounts and 4" recessed wall nooks that are never the right size for the next display.

Also there were basically no curved TVs and certainly zero 3D. I was trying to think of something that came and went as fast as 3D and all I could come up with might be VR headsets.</p>

Tons more great insight in his post. Set aside some time to read it.
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yesterday by charlesarthur

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