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I’ve been lucky enough to write for some first-rate animated shows over the years and one of the very best of them was Justice League Unlimited.  I scripted seven episodes of that series—including an adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic “For The Man Who Has Everything”—but there was almost an eighth.  One day, way back in 2004, I got a call from two of the show’s incredibly talented writer-producers, Stan Berkowitz and Dwayne McDuffie.  They’d cooked up an idea—based, in part, on the Oreo addiction Keith Giffen and I had given to J’onn J’onnzz during our original Justice League International run—and wanted me to develop it into an outline.  At first I thought they were putting me on—the story, especially J’onn’s arc, was pretty outrageous, even by Giffen-DeMatteis standards—but they were dead serious.  I remember sitting in my office taking notes as the two of them laid out the beats of the wonderful, and very funny, plot—which, had the episode made it to air, could have been the JLU equivalent of Star Trek’s “The Trouble with Tribbles.”
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Bridget Bowman on CSPAN's Washington Journal - 17 NOV 2017
Roll Call political reporter Bridget Bowman talks about Senate Republicans' reactions to the sexual assault allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.
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HQ mobile game
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HQ combines some of the winning formulas of traditional TV quiz shows — an energetic presenter and “appointment-to-view” programming at the same time every day — with the fast-paced interactivity of a video game. Every viewer becomes a contestant, competing for a cash prize. And it is free to enter.

Wednesday night’s HQ show was the biggest yet, with more than 35,000 simultaneous viewers tuning in at 6pm US Pacific time (9pm US Eastern) for a $2,000 cash prize. That might not yet be your typical primetime audience, but it is growing rapidly: a couple of weeks ago, the audience was less than 10,000. (The app has suffered a few growing pains in recent days, sometimes failing to load when I tapped the push notification telling me it was time to play.)
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Netflix Has A Problem That No One Is Talking About
An entirely different story is playing out in the U.S., one that should cause some concern for Netflix investors. In 2013, it cost Netflix around $45 to acquire a customer in the U.S., roughly what it costs to acquire an international customer today. But that number steadily rose throughout 2014 and 2015, followed by an explosive increase over the past year and a half. Over the trailing twelve months, Netflix spent more than twice as much to acquire a U.S. customer as it did four years ago.
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GroupM Identifies Several Things the TV Advertising Industry Should be Worried About | Video Ad News
The decline of TV audiences are often overstated, with much of the audience of linear having switched to digital platforms instead. But traditional TV viewing is falling as younger generations turn away from linear – GenY viewership has fallen by about 4.5 percent annually in the UK and US, and for GenZ the figure is close to 9 percent. GroupM finds that aging does not increase people’s viewing like it used to, and predicts that aging GenY and GenZ audiences will erode viewing at a pace of one percentage point a year over the next decade.
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Trump’s Data Gurus Are Now Turning Their Attention To Your TV
Cambridge’s efforts in addressable TV began last year. In October 2016, during the final stretch of the presidential campaigns, the company announced a partnership with cross platform analytics company ComScore to merge Cambridge Analytica’s “behavioral psychology and data analytics platform” with ComScore TV data, yielding insight “into which programs, stations and dayparts deliver the highest densities of the targeted audiences that the company’s clients seek to influence,” according to a statement about the partnership.
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European broadcasters are joining forces to fight Facebook and Google - Digiday
This week, Channel 4 became the first U.K. broadcaster to join a pan-European broadcaster programmatic video alliance that Germany’s ProSiebenSat.1, France’s TF1 and Italy’s Mediaset set up earlier this year. Channel 4, home to popular U.K. shows like “The Great British Bake Off,” has a 25 percent stake in the joint venture and plans to pool video inventory worth in the seven-figure region, from its video-on-demand player All 4.

Channel 4 already uses data from its 16 million registered viewers to improve and personalize ad targeting based on data like viewer age, gender, location, interests and behavior. By joining the European alliance, it wants to explore ways to deepen data-sharing opportunities with the other shareholders, which will meet monthly to discuss strategy.
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Mediatel: Newsline: ITV to launch linear addressable advertising
Big news from ITV this week: the UK's largest commercial broadcaster is to deploy new technology that will enable it to deliver addressable ad campaigns across its linear broadcaster channels from early next year.
The news, announced on Thursday evening during the broadcaster's annual Gala, means ITV will have the capability deliver "dynamically personalised ads" on its channels using adtech from Sorenson Media.
The technology works only on connected 'smart' TVs - and it appears viewers can opt out - and combines the targeting and measurement of addressable advertising with the scale and reach of ITV’s TV channel portfolio.
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