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RSS to Mastodon
Service bridging RSS feeds and Mastodon, experimental / simple hack
mastodon  rss  activitypub  syndication  tootme 
10 days ago by nelson
NetLine: Top B2B Content Syndication Lead Generation Network for B2B Marketers
Promote your B2B content with the largest B2B-specific content syndication lead generation network, using performance-based lead generation solutions to meet your demand generation goals. Identify and capture intent-based leads. Cost-per-lead campaigns start at $9 per lead.
web  marketing  netline  B2B  content  syndication  2019  planning 
16 days ago by wmaceyka
Fetches and converts data between social networks, HTML and JSON with microformats2, ActivityStreams 1 and 2, Atom, JSON Feed, and more
indieweb  RSS  syndication  tools 
6 weeks ago by grantpotter
The Rise and Demise of RSS
There are two stories here. The first is a story about a vision of the web’s future that never quite came to fruition. The second is a story about how a collaborative effort to improve a popular standard devolved into one of the most contentious forks in the history of open-source software development.
internet  rss  history  web  p:Two-Bit-History  2018  a:Sinclair-Target  centralisation  computer  data  feeds  longreads  loopinsight  spike  standards  syndication  technology  tonews 
12 weeks ago by andrewjbates
C4CJ awarded six-figure fund from Google DNI Fund | Centre for Community Journalism
In collaboration with the Media Innovation Studio (MIS) at the University of Central Lancashire, VMN will enable publishers to easily access, buy and republish high quality editorial content from community and hyperlocal news organisations across the UK.
dni  google  newswires  c4cj  syndication  Hyperlocal 
july 2018 by paulbradshaw
Google Reader
A functional archive that demonstrates how Google Reader worked before it was closed in 2013.
rss  syndication  atom  google  feedreader  xml 
july 2018 by rcade

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