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vkCmdPipelineBarrier vs external subpass dependencies · Issue #531 · KhronosGroup/Vulkan-Docs
Subpass dependencies are indeed a memory barrier that applies to all resources.
Effectively they are a pipeline barrier with a VkMemoryBarrier
Except they also count as including a VkImageMemoryBarrier for attachments referenced by both src+dst subpasses, with layouts as described by those two subpasses
External subpasses count as referencing all attachments with layouts described by the initial/finalLayout parameters of the render pass.
vulkan  synchronisation  renderpass 
4 days ago by tgfrerer
Debezium is a distributed platform that turns your existing databases into event streams, so applications can see and respond immediately to each row-level change in the databases
database  synchronisation 
6 weeks ago by dalehumby
Distributed Simulation and the Time Warp Operating System
David Jefferson, Brian Beckman, Fred Wieland, Leo Blume, Mike DiLoreto, Phil Hontalas, Pierre Laroche, Kathy Sturdevant, Jack Tupman, Van Warren, John Wedel, Herb Younger, Steve Bellenot

“This paper describes the Time Warp Operating System, under development for three years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Caltech Mark III Hypercube multi-processor. Its primary goal is concurrent execution of large, irregular discrete event simulations at maximum speed. It also supports any other distributed applications that are synchronized by virtual time.

The Time Warp Operating System includes a complete implementation of the Time Warp mechanism, and is a substantial departure from conventional operating systems in that it performs synchronization by a general distributed process rollback mechanism. The use of general rollback forces a rethinking of many aspects of operating system design, including programming interface, scheduling, message routing and queueing, storage management, flow control, and commitment.

In this paper we review the mechanics of Time Warp, describe the TWOS operating system, show how to construct simulations in object-oriented form to run under TWOS, and offer a qualitative comparison of Time Warp to the Chandy-Misra method of distributed simulation. We also include details of two benchmark simulations and preliminary measurements of time-to-completion, speedup, rollback rate, and antimessage rate, all as functions of the number of processors used.”

/via @smallcatgirl
PLT  distributed-systems  simulation  computer-science  speculative-evaluation  optimistic-systems  synchronisation  whitepaper 
june 2017 by elliottcable
Kontakte und Kalender von mit Android synchronisieren | Kesslers Klassenzimmer
Leider hat Android von Haus aus keine zentrale Verwaltung von Kalendern und Kontakten. Anders als bei iOS oder Windows Phone gibt es also keine Stelle wo man einen calDav oder einen cardDav Server eintragen kann. Man muss das immer über eine App lösen. Wenn man alle seine Daten bei Google liegen hat, dann ist das auch kein Problem denn das Googlekonto ist von Anfang an direkt mit Android verknüpft, alle anderen Konten brauchen eben eine App.
android  calendar  kalender  sync  synchronisation  outlook  google  microsoft 
may 2017 by thot How do I setup NTP to use the pool?
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:""
ntp  time  windows  unix  linux  update  synchronisation  sync  synchronization  synchronize 
march 2017 by sharjeelsayed
itchio/wharf: A protocol to quickly transfer software builds (reference Go implementation)
wharf - :satellite: A protocol to quickly transfer software builds (reference Go implementation)
go  golang  rsynch  diff  binary  transfert  synchronisation 
january 2017 by vonc

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