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Verwalten und tauschen Sie Ihre Daten online: Kontakte, Kalender, Favoriten, ... - Memotoo
Für europäische Verhältnisse ein solider und günstiger Dienst. Nicht alles funktioniert. Verwaltung von Bookmarks über Baum-Struktur _und_ Tags. Plaintext kann direkt in Verzeichnis editiert werden, einschl. HTML. Einzelne HTML-Dateien können untereinander mit absoluten Links verlinkt werden. Dabei ist darauf zu achten, daß nicht durch eine bestimmte Link-Struktur das ganze Directory an die Öffentlichkeit kompromittiert wird.

Enthält einen einfachen IMAP-Client, Entwürfe können damit nicht gespeichert werden.
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9 weeks ago by findlink
How to fix this Synchronization Log: issue??? - Microsoft Community
1. Have you tried re-creating an offline Outlook Data File (.ost) ? If not, please try it to see if the issue persists.
2. Create a new profile for the Outlook client and add your account into it to see if it helps.
3. Update your Outlook client and operating system to the latest versions and check if the issue persists.
4. Since it’s may be a synchronization issue, please turn off Cached Exchange Mode and check if the Outlook client works properly. If you're using Outlook 2010, please refer to:
If you're using Outlook 2013 or 2016, please refer to the following steps:

a. Click FILE > Account Settings.
b. Double click the account, then click More settings.
c. Navigate to Advanced bar in the pop up window, unselect the Use Cached Exchange Mode section.
d. Click OK.

5. If you are using Office 365 for Business accounts, please log into OWA(Outlook Web App) to see if the issue persists. You may not be able to access OWA due to not using Office 365 for Business accounts.
6. Try another computer with the same account to see if the issue persists.

If the information above cannot fix the issue, I’d like to collect the following for further investigation:

1. Your Outlook client and operating system versions.
2. When did the issue occur? Did any other users in your organization encounter the same issue?
3. Did you receive these error messages by emails? If no, how did the error messages come out?
4. Is the problematic account an Office 365 for Business account? How did you configure the account into the Outlook client, via POP, IMAP or Exchange?
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12 weeks ago by jgear
How do I turn off logging in 'Sync Issues' folder in Outlook 2007?
Turn off logging
On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Other tab, click Advanced Options.
Clear the Enable logging (troubleshooting) check box, and then click OK two times.
turn  off  synchronisation  logs  outlook 
12 weeks ago by jgear
vkCmdPipelineBarrier vs external subpass dependencies · Issue #531 · KhronosGroup/Vulkan-Docs
Subpass dependencies are indeed a memory barrier that applies to all resources.
Effectively they are a pipeline barrier with a VkMemoryBarrier
Except they also count as including a VkImageMemoryBarrier for attachments referenced by both src+dst subpasses, with layouts as described by those two subpasses
External subpasses count as referencing all attachments with layouts described by the initial/finalLayout parameters of the render pass.
vulkan  synchronisation  renderpass 
february 2018 by tgfrerer
Debezium is a distributed platform that turns your existing databases into event streams, so applications can see and respond immediately to each row-level change in the databases
database  synchronisation 
january 2018 by dalehumby

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