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CS Syd - Announcing mergeful, part 1: Cooperative agreement on a single value.
This post announces [the new `mergeful` library](
The `mergeful` library builds on ideas from [the `mergeless` library]( [which was published last year](/posts/2018-07-28-mergeless).
In this part one, we describe how mergeful can help a server and its clients agree on a single value with safe merge conflicts.
synchronisation  decentralisation 
november 2019 by sjmarshy
Pleexy boosts your personal productivity by channeling tasks from your email, note taking, collaboration, mind mapping and tracking apps into your Todoist or Wunderlist. Just set up a connection between the supported application and your task manager and Pleexy will make sure your tasks stay up-to-date in both places!
integration  productivity  synchronisation  todoist 
october 2019 by michlr
Snapdoc - Authenticated snapshots with history privacy in peer-to-peer collaborative editing
Authenticated snapshots with history privacy in peer-to-peer collaborative editing (Stephan A. Kollmann / Martin Kleppmann / Alastair R. Beresford)
CRDT  Cryptography  Synchronisation 
july 2019 by ahus1
CRDT implementaiton for example for counters, complex data types and tables (JavaScript)
CRDT  Synchronisation 
july 2019 by ahus1

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