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yonaskolb/Beak: A command line interface for your Swift scripts
A command line interface for your Swift scripts. Contribute to yonaskolb/Beak development by creating an account on GitHub.
swift  cli 
21 hours ago by nanoxd
shibapm/Rocket: Define your release steps 🚀
Define your release steps 🚀. Contribute to shibapm/Rocket development by creating an account on GitHub.
swift  xcode 
21 hours ago by nanoxd
Advanced Swift Fourth Edition, with Videos! · objc.io
objc.io publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development
23 hours ago by Gr8whitenorth
Bluetooth example code for Swift/iOS | Splinter Software
Chris Hulbert, Splinter Software, is a contracting iOS developer based in Australia.
bluetooth  swift 
yesterday by nanoxd
jeffctown/xcframework: A simple tool to create an XCFramework
A simple tool to create an XCFramework. Contribute to jeffctown/xcframework development by creating an account on GitHub.
ios  swift  xcode 
yesterday by nanoxd
Modern Swift API Design - WWDC 2019 - Videos - Apple Developer
Every programming language has a set of conventions that people come to expect. Learn about the patterns that are common to Swift API design, with examples from new APIs like SwiftUI, Combine, and RealityKit. Whether you're developing an app as part of a team, or you're publishing a library for others to use, find out how to use new features of Swift to ensure clarity and correct use of your APIs.
Apple  WWDC  swift  videos 
2 days ago by dcrall

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