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The Earth Institute - Columbia University
This is an institute related to forestry/environmental studies at Columbia University in NYC.
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2 days ago by lpuerto
New Website Launch: American Native Plants
Founded in 1998, American Native Plants is dedicated to providing native plants to the Eastern United States in order to create more sustainable, diverse landscapes
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4 days ago by Adventure_Web
RT As part of our commitment to , our old storage pallets are being put to good use! Find out how 👉…
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7 days ago by CHCP
Farm from a Box - a complete off-grid toolkit for tech-powered farming
The need to provide a sustainable food supply both domestically and globally is significant and riddled with challenges. From dwindling natural resources, to a lack of infrastructure that can support reliable crop growth, we need to provide communities with the tools to grow their own food locally and earn a livelihood. In response, we developed a comprehensive solution that acts as the “Swiss-Army knife” of sustainable farming; a single, deliverable unit that contains all of the core components needed for a 2-acre farm. Powered by renewable energy, Farm from a Box is ideal for any application that requires a comprehensive system that enables sustained local food production, without need for an existing grid.
10 days ago by Sebskiff

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