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Social Innovation Offers Five Golden Opportunities to the Apparel Industry
"The global apparel industry has grown significantly in the past decade, but at a heavy environmental and social cost. Social innovation can bring healthier, more holistic future growth."

In collaboration with NPO Ashoka.

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3 days ago by eocas
Schloss Dagstuhl : Seminar Homepage
Sustainability focuses on the endurance of processes and products. It is perhaps most widely associated with environmental science and climate science. All engineering disciplines are involved in sustainability initiatives. For example, the engineering of smart cities must consider sustainability concerns such as mapping of natural resource availability, statistical analysis of skill bases, and transport design. Smart city engineering also must consider approaches to system-level modelling, and open data sharing across ICT platforms. Sustainability is an inherent challenge in modern systems and software engineering.

Sustainability engineering is the discipline of constructing systems that support and enable sustainability. In sustainability engineering, many different kinds of models have to be integrated. Engineering models (which are used in development) need to be combined with scientific models (which help underpin decision making).

This Dagstuhl Seminar will explore the intrinsic nature of both scientific and engineering models, the underlying differences in their respective foundations, and the challenges related to their integration, evolution and use for decision-making. The latter in particular is a key objective of the seminar, to better support both domain experts (e.g., environmental scientists) and engineers in understanding the impact of changes to both scientific and engineering models on sustainability problems. These explorations will be based on a selected real-world case study chosen by the participants in advance of the seminar.
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4 days ago by tonyyet
Excellent case study. Look at the mobile desalination and water treatment units. clever idea !
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5 days ago by tguemes
Natural Factory
"Collects examples to inspire us to ‘let nature be our factory’ in contemporary, sustainable ways. It’s a diverse selection of interesting examples to get the creative thoughts going, rather than an exhaustive academic database.

Designers, makers, architects, engineers … anyone involved in creating the things we need; are there ways you can better harness the waste-free circular economy offered by natural processes and organisms to create radically more sustainable solutions? This might be looking for contemporary ways of using natural materials, or even better innovating ways to ‘grow’ entire products – really letting nature be our factory.

Entries include drones grown from mushroom mycelium, bacterially produced biodegradable plastics and boutique furniture grown in a carbon-negative ‘orchard’, as well as more familiar natural materials and traditional craft processes which could be re-purposed or developed.

We are also including entries from the rapidly developing field of biotech / bio-hacking, which some believe holds the potential to provide materials and processes sustainably by interfacing with or carefully modifying living organisms (the jury is out on the long-term sustainability in some cases, but better to engage and be aware).

This is a voluntary project started by designer/maker/biologist friends from from several countries interested in exploring this field together.
Supporting organisations:
- MakerBay Hong Kong
- Hong Kong Polytechnic University Materials Research Centre (MRC)
- Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL)"

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5 days ago by eocas
Blockchain for Social Impact (BSIC)
"BSIC incubates, develops, and implements confederated blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
We aim to inspire, federate, and create bridges between NGO’s, and government agencies, foundations, impact investors, philanthropists and technologists by focusing on the following focus sectors:

Financial Inclusion
Supply Chain
Identity & Vulnerable Populations
Energy & Environment

We promote the creation of Ethereum blockchain solutions and applications which address social and environmental issues. By working to shift economic and social paradigms through blockchain technology, we increase the economic prosperity of individuals and communities.

We are currently pursuing opportunities in each of the below areas:

Research and publications
Annual Conference
Speaking Opportunities

The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition is an initiative of ConsenSys, a venture production studio based in Brooklyn, NY."

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5 days ago by eocas
The Organic Coup
America's 1st USDA-certified organic fast food restaurant. By early 2018 with 12 locations of which most in San Francisco / California and Seattle / Washington State.

According to their press release: "The Organic Coup uses lots of alternatives to conventional food processing methods of other suppliers of fast food. For example the chicken is sanitized by using an air-chilling method, soda is made with cane sugar instead of GMO high-fructose corn syrup and the restaurants flash-fry with coconut oil."

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5 days ago by eocas

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