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53 Percent of Online HBO Subscriptions Sold via Amazon: Report – Variety
Amazon has quietly become a major player in the subscription video sales business: Amazon Channels, the company’s platform for reselling subscription services like HBO and Showtime, now accounts for 55 percent of all a la carte direct-to-consumer video subscriptions, according to new data from The Diffusion Group (TDG).

53 percent of all consumers who don’t get HBO through their pay TV provider are purchasing it via Amazon channels, TDG estimated in a new report titled The Future of Direct-to-C...
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Above Avalon: Above Avalon Subscriptions Turn Three
One thing that I didn't necessarily expect to happen was an online community to develop around Above Avalon. The Above Avalon subscriber forum in Slack continues to see an increasing amount of interaction and discussion. Subscribers currently reside in 55 countries and hold a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations. They include Silicon Valley executives and investors, the largest Apple shareholders, and the leading Apple journalists and writers in the business.
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Blockchain In Publishing: Innovation Or Disruption?
For the case of blockchain in publishing, it is definitely an innovation at this point. We invited a group of 50 or so industry executives and stakeholders to hear three startup leaders discuss the potential for disruption in the space - Jarrod Dicker, CEO, David Bookspan, co-founder Amino Pay, and Julien Genestoux, CEO and founder, Unlock. These pioneers are employing blockchain technology to change the way many publishers do business today. Each startup focuses on a different component of the eco-system: content attribution, permission and discovery
Amino Pay: digital advertising supply chain
Unlock: paywalls, subscriptions
What is the problem each are solving?
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