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When local news outlets shutter due to cuts, we all lose - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Apr. 01, 2017

Local journalism, whether it’s at a city paper or a weekly, a radio or TV station, keeps its community entertained and informed. The National isn’t going to send a camera crew to cover the profoundly annoying pothole on Main Street, or the feud between the dress-shop owners, or the cozy relationship between the mayor and the developers. The Globe and Mail is not likely to, either: This is where the country’s 1,060 community papers come in – or where they used to. According to a recent report, those papers lost $400-million, or one-third of their revenue, between 2012 and 2015. The Public Policy Forum’s recent report on media in Canada, called The Shattered Mirror, contains an even more alarming statistic: “Since 2010, there have been 225 weekly and 27 daily newspapers lost to closure or merger in more than 200 federal ridings.” Local television coverage has contracted as well.

“Well, so what?” you might ask. Your neighbourhood has a Facebook page. The mayor has a Twitter account. Except that none of your neighbours is going to sit through a long and boring zoning meeting and report back (unless he is particularly weird). And the mayor’s Twitter feed? Undeniably good if you’re looking for sunshine and kittens. Not so good for anything she doesn’t want you to see. When provincial legislatures and city councils are left unwatched, it also means no one is keeping an eye on the sausage-making machine of democracy......The problem of fleeing ad dollars and subscribers won’t be settled so easily, either: The industry has struggled with these pains for years. Not-for-profit foundations that run news outlets might be one idea, or hyper-local websites that are crowdsourced by neighbours.....In his farewell column, Kevin Diakiw wrote, “Moving forward, you will likely receive your information from the Internet, or newsrooms pared to the bone. Be sure to read not only information that fits your own narrative, but opposing views as well.

“The weighty responsibility of hunting for balance and accuracy now lands largely on your shoulders.”
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13 days ago by jerryking
Rise of Subscriptions and the Fall of Advertising – The Graph – Medium
Not sure there's much in this other than "look subscriptions are much more of a thing now because online advertising continues to be a bit grim for both publishers and consumers". But you know, subscriptions are definitely becoming a thing.

Not much to say about whether "You mean I need 26 subscriptions to access all my content" is a problem.
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14 days ago by mr_stru
The Times' subscription sales jump 200 percent since pivoting from breaking news - Digiday
Having a different edition ready for three, set times helps the 10-person digital marketing team to structure their efforts. “What has been revolutionary for us and editorial is that in changing to the editions’ publishing strategy and moving away from rolling news, we now have appointments to view with our subscribers and registered users that we didn’t have previously,” she added.

The marketing team carefully plans its communications with existing and prospective subscribers by taking a more hands-on approach in the daily newsroom meeting, or “conference” as it’s referred to internally, than it did in previous years. Here editorial staff discuss with members of the marketing team what stories are coming up in the week and how they plan to treat them. Decisions will be made on what kind of content will work for driving free registrations, or subscriptions, and where existing subscribers should be re-engaged to ensure they’re returning to the site.
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4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Chargebee AU: Subscription Billing & Recurring Payments Software
Chargebee lets you automate your recurring billing and manage subscriptions at scale in Australia.
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5 weeks ago by raygrasso
Apple News is a traffic and subscription driver for the Telegraph - Digiday
“Apple News consumers are proving to be a rich part of the funnel driving into our owned and operated platforms,” said Robert Bridge, chief customer officer at The Telegraph Media Group. “And that’s the hope, right? That you extend your reach through these products, then you migrate the audience into your core products.”

A key benefit of Apple News is that it pushes readers to The Telegraph’s app through ads. The Telegraph’s own app became free to download last October, but only since last week were app users able to subscribe to its premium content through the app. Bridge wouldn’t share how well the app has been in converting casual readers to subscribers, but early signs are encouraging, he said. Interestingly, the publisher said 65 percent of those who have been driven into The Telegraph app from Apple News are its most engaged app users, returning to the app more than five times in a month. They also index higher on other engagement metrics it measures, like dwell time and number of articles read.
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6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
How The Atlantic is scrambling to keep readers on its own site - Digiday
In addition to creating Rosen’s role, it hired a customer experience expert, Anna Hoffman, and is convening weekly and monthly meetings for both business and news sides of the organization to share how people are responding to articles and what’s working to acquire new subscribers. The Atlantic recently launched its first brand campaign in a decade, “Question Your Answers,”with Wieden+Kennedy New York.

“In an unbundled world, you may not really think about The Atlantic as a brand if you’re looking at a single story or Facebook post,” said Bob Cohn, president of The Atlantic.
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6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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