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The “civically committed,” “thrifty transactors,” and “elusive engagers”: a new report breaks down why different kinds of news subscribers pay (or don’t) » Nieman Journalism Lab
Following a series of one-on-one interviews with fifteen people around the U.S. (which followed a previous, broad survey of 2,199 people), API split news subscribers into three groups. The “civically committed” see supporting news organization as their moral duty; as a result, they aren’t sensitive to pricing and will pay for subscriptions even if they don’t use them. On the other end of the spectrum are the price-sensitive “elusive engagers,” who are averse to subscriptions and see information as a commodity. Sitting between the two are what API calls the “thrifty transactors,” who are highly selective when it comes to publications they pay for, but also highly loyal.
Research  paywalls  subscriptions 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
CE Labs QuickSign : Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software
Editor: web app (subscription) or download (Windows)
Players: proprietary
digitalsignage  proprietary  webApps  subscriptions  windows 
4 days ago by drewmark
Gauges – Web Analytics Software
Website Analytics you can Actually Understand
Gauges helps you focus on your most important web traffic stats — in real time.
Google-replacements  web-design  analytics  services  subscriptions 
6 days ago by Vaguery
$171/yr for 2 screens
Editor: web app
Player: unclear... AppleTV? Proprietary?
digitalsignage  webApps  subscriptions 
8 days ago by drewmark
Markey Digital Signage
Free level may work (ad-based)
Editor: web app
Players: Amazon Fire, Chromebit/box
digitalsignage  chromebox  chromebit  amazonFire  webApps  subscriptions 
10 days ago by drewmark
- Xibo in the Cloud | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage
£28.80/yr for 2 displays ($38.54)
Editor: web app
Players: Android only by the looks of it, no Amazon Fire
digitalsignage  webApps  android  subscriptions 
10 days ago by drewmark
The Right Way to Unsubscribe from LightInTheBox - OzBargain Forums
hi guys

long time no see, wondering if there have any one miss me and my deal? lol

Ok let's get straight to the point. as we know that unsubscibe issues in my site has been exist a long time and make many users unhappy. but now we find a way to get rid of it.

The right way to unsubscribe from lightinthebox and miniinthebox:

1.Log in your account
2.go to Personal Center
3.go to Email Subscriptions
4.choose never on flash sale and click update
5.choose never on Newsletter and click update
6.unsubscribe every email you received in 2 days.

normally it's include:

➨ Click to Reveal Surprise for Your Interested Hot Items
↓↓↓ Prices Are Dropping & Get Shopping Now >
Dear oscarlife6, Up to 90% off Group Buying - Saturday
✂ No Joke! We're Giving You Big Rewards

PS:lightinthebox and miniinthebox are different system , so if you want to get rid of both, then you need rep operation again.

due to systems problem, so the update may delay about 2 days. after that you will not receive any email you unsubscribe.

all of these has been test by myself and my several colleagues, work for us

and if you think it's a little complicate, there have an simple way: add it in the blacklist , but you might missed the shipping information or order information lol

if you still have any problem welcome to let me know

unsub  unsubscribe  lightinthebox  spam  email  newsletters  promotions  promos  subscriptions  emails 
10 days ago by 44sunsets
Free account may be enough (ad driven)
digitalsignage  amazonFire  subscriptions 
11 days ago by drewmark

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