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The road to growth: How The Times (UK) reaches 500k subscribers milestone - Digiday
The Times’ “digital butler” is also learning when is the right time registered-access users want to receive messages and then sending out personalized emails, born out of predictive data models that judge when the highest probability of subscribing is. It will extend this to push notifications, text messages and social channels over time.

“If you’re seeing messaging from us because you read about Brexit, do we make that general messaging or relevant messaging, and can we then get you to sign up to [political daily newsletter] Red Box?” said Duncan. “We’re constantly learning what our conversion targets could be, it’s something we’re constantly looking to improve and it’s gradually ticking up.”
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History Curriculum - Key Stage 2
Would like to aim to make a box for each of these main elements, that people can subscribe to.
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14 days ago by george08
s2Member® | A powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress®
s2Member® | s2Member® is a plugin for professional WordPress® membership management, integrating seamlessly with User Roles & Capabilities for WordPress®.
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Crashed & Vanished – The Airship Italia’s Doomed Mission to Conquer the North Pole - YouTube
I just starred Crashed & Vanished – The Airship Italia’s Doomed Mission to Conquer the North Pole on Inoreader
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