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Citi: Amazon Prime subscribers to double in next decade
Citi now expects Prime subscriptions to top 275 million by 2029 as roughly 80 percent of U.S. households adopt the service.
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9 days ago by lavallee
austintgriffith/token-subscription: 💰🕰️📋[EIP 1337 POC] Recurring subscriptions on the Ethereum blockchain powered by meta transactions.
💰🕰️📋[EIP 1337 POC] Recurring subscriptions on the Ethereum blockchain powered by meta transactions. - austintgriffith/token-subscription
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18 days ago by sprice
The Young Turks now has 27k paying subscribers accounting for half of its revenue - Digiday
TYT Network has “a little over 27,000 subscribers” who pay from $5 to $10 a month to watch the company’s shows sans ads and to access exclusive programming and other perks, according to TYT Network CEO Cenk Uygur. Last August, TYT Network said it had 30,000 paying subscribers, which Uygur says was wrong. “There was a technical error on our website that caused a misreporting of that number,” he said, adding that the company has not seen a decline in its subscriber base.
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24 days ago by paulbradshaw
Craft-Beer Company Taps Streaming Service for Growth - WSJ
By Benjamin Mullin
Aug. 27, 2018

BrewDog, a Scottish beer company, is offering a streaming service featuring more than 100 hours of video centered on drinking culture, the latest effort by a brand to launch its own media venture.

“The BrewDog Network,” available on smartphone apps and online, costs $4.99 a month. Breaking through in a crowded subscription-video market won’t be easy.......The BrewDog Network will carry a mix of licensed and original content where drinking is an element, from food shows to travel series such as “Four Sheets,” hosted by bon vivant Zane Lamprey. “The BrewDog Show,” featuring the company’s founders, will also be available at launch.
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28 days ago by jerryking

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