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5 Stylish Hairstyles for Fine Hair | The Idle Man
In like six months when I've grown my hair back out, look to this page for some inspiration. I'd say just go for a combination of side part and slick back. Or just let it grow out and look homeless.
hair  style  inspiration 
4 days ago by docwlad
sindresorhus/modern-normalize: Normalize browsers' default style
Differences from normalize.css

- Smaller
- Includes only normalizations for the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
- Sets box-sizing: border-box
- Improves consistency of default fonts
browser  css  style 
4 days ago by dserodio
Google JavaScript 风格指南 | Google JavaScript 风格指南
转载一下Google Google JavaScript Style Guide,文章不但指出每条规范,还解释了为什么这样写的原因,同时给出了对与错的实例,写得非常的详细,很值参考,正在考虑应该不应该翻译一下,然后借鉴到项目团队中去,站在巨人的肩膀上会看得更远。
5 days ago by scottming
CSS Style Guides | CSS-Tricks
As we wrap up our recent poll on ordering CSS properties, it brings up the larger issue of CSS style guides. Ordering properties is just one choice you hav
guidelines  styleguide  style  css  webdev  csstricks  guide  styleguides  2012  Archive 
5 days ago by otlib
Phone number links and accessibility · Matt Smith
article about accessible styling for phone numbers - targetting mobile devices, though wouldn't target VOIP (eg Skype) on desktop. Relies on smaller screen MQ.
webdesign  web  design  style  tel  telephone  number  link  screen  reader  accessible  accessibility 
6 days ago by piperh
Modern-normalize: Normalize browsers' default style
Smaller, Includes only normalizations for the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Sets box-sizing: border-box, Improves consistency of default fonts, Sets a more readable tab size
css  style  normalize  browser 
6 days ago by Gwendoux

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