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More shell, less egg - All this
«McIlroy’s review started with an appreciation of Knuth’s presentation and the literate programming technique in general. He discussed the cleverness of the data structure and Knuth’s implementation,1 pointed out a bug or two, and made suggestions as to how the article could be improved. And then he calmly and clearly eviscerated the very foundation of Knuth’s program.»
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19 hours ago by brennen
Princeton Study Reveals the Sad Truth About What Your Clothes Say About You |
"Just like teachers sometimes grade blindly so as to avoid favoring some students, interviewers and employers may want to take what measures they can, when they can, to evaluate people, say, on paper so as to circumvent indefensible yet hard to avoid competency judgments," study co-author and Princeton behavioral science professor Eldar Shafir said in a release. "Academic departments, for example, have long known that hiring without interviews can yield better scholars. It's also an excellent argument for school uniforms."
inc  hiring  fashion  style  psychology 
23 hours ago by cmananian
Best Practices for Peer Review
The Association of University Presses is a community of publishing professionals and institutions committed to the highest caliber of research-based scholarship. Together, we advocate for the fundamental role of scholarly publishing in achieving academic excellence and in cultivating and disseminating knowledge.
bestpractices  peerreview  guide  language  style 
6 days ago by pivic
UI Case study: state styles of card component with accessibility in mind
about styling the various possible states of a card component in a layout, to give visual feedback to the user
webdesign  web  design  ui  component  card  state  style  hover  focus  active  css  visual  feedback 
7 days ago by piperh
Use simple words and phrases |
Plain language makes it easier for the public to read, understand, and use government communications.
language  writing  style  plainenglish 
10 days ago by markinetic

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