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exPress-o: 100 Years Of Fashion In 2 Minutes
Absolutely brilliant! Trends come and go but great style is always in! This awesome 2-minute video showcases one model wearing 100 years of trends, from 1915's high-collared long dresses to 1975's jumpsuits! My favourite era is a toss between the 1920’s and the glorious 70's! Yours?
P.S: La Danseuse.
P.P.S: Dancing moments and the power of ballet.
(Video by Mode via Red Mag. Photos via Star and Lauren)
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2 days ago by rgl7194
If you want to create a Laravel Markdown Theme there is not easier way than using this tool.
If you want to create a Laravel Markdown Theme there is not easier way than using this tool.
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4 days ago by michaelfox

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