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Visualizing search strategies (part 1) | Information Interaction
According to the IDC whitepaper, The High Cost of Not Finding Information, knowledge workers spend 2.5 hours per day searching for information. Whether they eventually find what they are looking for or just stop and make a sub-optimal decision, there is a high cost to both outcomes. The recruitment industry, for example, relies on Boolean search as the foundation of the candidate sourcing process, and yet finding candidates with appropriate skills and experience remains an ongoing challenge. Likewise, healthcare information professionals perform painstaking searches of literature sources as the foundation of the evidence-based approach to medicine, but systematic literature reviews can take years to complete and new research findings may be published in the interim, leading to a lack of currency and potential for inaccuracy. Similarly, patent agents rely on accurate prior art search as the foundation of their due diligence process, and yet infringement suits are being filed at a rate of more than 10 a day due to the later discovery of prior art which their original search tools missed.
visualization  search  strategy 
yesterday by rgl7194
What You Think Is A Function Of The Ideas You Consume | APG | Planning & Strategy

The thesis behind our creative consultancy is that one cannot invent without inventory. That’s what Genius Steals means. We took the name from a fauxtation ascribed to Picasso but actually derived from T.S Elliot discussing how one can judge creativity without relying on subjectivity. Good poets draw from diverse inspiration, borrowing from authors “remote in time, or alien in language, or diverse in interest.”

That’s the rule of thumb. Diversity and breadth, because seeing patterns in different things is abstraction, the basis of creative thinking. The more diverse the inputs combined together, the more creative the idea. Your job as a planner is to provide the right inputs.

So what you should you consume and how much?
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yesterday by eugenexxv
Russia’s Great Power Raiding Strategy
Raiding is the way by which Russia seeks to coerce the United States through a series of operations or campaigns that integrate indirect and direct approaches. Modern great power competition will thus return to forms of coercion and imposition reminiscent of the Middle Ages, but enacted with the technologies of today. Although raiding will be Moscow’s principal approach to competition, international brigandry may be the best term to describe elements of Russian behavior that the West considers to be “bad” or “malign.”
strategy  IR  politics 
2 days ago by sandykoe
Sports Betting Tips: Early Season College Football Betting Tips
Tips on betting college football and college football betting strategy is the topic on this episode of Sports Betting Tips from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas. TV host Kelly Stewart talks betting early season college football with Vegas handicapping experts Dave Cokin, Tony Finn, Teddy Covers and Marco D’Angelo. The WagerTalk panel […]

The post Sports Betting Tips: Early Season College Football Betting Tips appeared first on WagerTalk News .
College  Football  Picks  Predictions  and  Odds  Sports  Betting  Tips  Strategy 
2 days ago by WagerTalk
4 Steps to Creating a Rock-Solid Marketing Strategy With Mark Ritson
My guest today is Mark Ritson. He’s a marketing expert, consultant, and writer for Marketing Week. Mark sat down with me to share his principles for developing a marketing strategy and how to execute market research.
ritson  marketing  strategy  listen  podcast 
2 days ago by markhgn
Resources - Jaap Grolleman
Since the beginning of 2018 I’ve been collecting quotes, articles and reports from many tweeps and organisations like BBH Labs, the IPA and Thinkbox, who — to me — are an invaluable goldmine of information. Here’s a list of most of what I found useful.
strategy  planning  resources  reference  books  reports  quotes  post 
3 days ago by eugenexxv
Guide to managing junior planners | LinkedIn
The following is a guide for Planning Directors on how best to manage Junior Planners.
guide  howto  juliancole  management  planning  post  strategy  career 
3 days ago by eugenexxv
House of Highlights’ Omar Raja: 'Instagram is the young person’s television' - Digiday
“Instagram is for entertainment, to see what everyone’s talking about. Instagram is the young person’s television.”
Instagram  media  strategy  video 
3 days ago by jmacf
Marketing Effectiveness Reading List for Effectiveness Week 2016
Recent research has shown that people retain information they read in an actual book better than when they read it on a screen. So here are a few book suggestions, a marketing effectiveness reading list for those of you who’d like to get your head around the subject matter, but would like a break from the white papers and infographics. Something to curl up with and really get your head into.
strategy  marketing  effectiveness  books  list  ipa 
3 days ago by eugenexxv

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