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Storycasting theatre: Freedom Studios’ North Country | ArtsProfessional
"Though fire-damaged, full of dead pigeons and lacking power, broadband and heat, we found it offered a range of ready-made dystopian looks"
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Ergodic Literature
Ergodic literature is a term coined by Espen J. Aarseth in his book Cybertext—Perspectives on Ergodic Literature, and is derived from the Greek words ergon, meaning "work", and hodos, meaning "path". Aarseth's book contains the most commonly cited definition:

In ergodic literature, nontrivial effort is required to allow the reader to traverse the text. If ergodic literature is to make sense as a concept, there must also be nonergodic literature, where the effort to traverse the text is trivial, with no extranoematic responsibilities placed on the reader except (for example) eye movement and the periodic or arbitrary turning of pages.One of the major innovations of the concept of ergodic literature is that it is not medium-specific. New media researchers have tended to focus on the medium of the text, stressing that it is for instance paper-based or electronic. Aarseth broke with this basic assumption that the medium was the most important distinction, and argued that the mechanics of texts need not be medium-specific. Ergodic literature is not defined by medium, but by the way in which the text functions. Thus, both paper-based and electronic texts can be ergodic: "The ergodic work of art is one that in a material sense includes the rules for its own use, a work that has certain requirements built in that automatically distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful users."
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The Wall Street Journal. on the App Store
Check out Saturn & Cassini in Augmented Reality using the latest iPhone/IPad app on iOS 11.
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I like data-driven storytelling (I like loaded words)
RT : A few folks I admire started arguing about , so it got me thinking why I do like those words.
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