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In-house analysis: Fresh starts - Legal Business, Catherine Wycherley
Look out law schools, there is a disrupter in town. Naturally, that town is Silicon Valley, the home of innovation. And the innovator in question is University of California Berkeley, which includes a leading US law school, renowned for its prowess in technology and IP.

It might seem natural that Berkeley Law’s proximity to the Bay Area tech hub would lead to an inventive approach to legal education. This idea certainly drew Hannah Porter, a former entrepreneur, to enrol at Berkeley Law in 2015.
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3 days ago by JordanFurlong
The 8 biggest IT management mistakes | CIO
The 8 biggest IT management mistakes Everybody makes mistakes. Most are harmless, some are embarrassing but forgivable, and some can take your career — or your company — down with them. via Pocket
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3 days ago by jeremyday
First Search
FirstSearch The best tactical advice in tech
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3 days ago by ceophs

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