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Sidemake | Side-Projects by All-Star Makers
A community of techies with day-jobs at top companies, building or interested in side projects. You can stay 100% anonymous if you wish.
3 hours ago by eduardoportilho
Balwani of Theranos
Profile of the COO as villain; he was also dating Holmes, the CEO
theranos  companies  fraud  startup  medical 
14 hours ago by nelson
Building a start-up using Serverless technologies - part 1
Here we will be building a fully functional start-up using serverless technologies.
golang  awslambda  serverless  tutorial  startup  deployment 
23 hours ago by gilberto5757
The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can. - The New York Times
It used to be that in order to survive, businesses had to sell goods or services above cost. But that model is so 20th century. The new way to make it in business is to spend big, grow fast and use Kilimanjaro-size piles of investor cash to subsidize your losses, with a plan to become profitable somewhere down the road.
business  startup 
yesterday by jasonsamuels

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