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2 days ago by architektura
Advanced Astrophotography Shutter Time Calculator
This calculator goes beyond the basic “500 rule” to determine the best shutter time for non-tracked astrophotography on a fixed tripod.
guide  photography  tips  night  stars 
5 days ago by robknight
The War for Talent Is Back
1. Superstars are overrated. It may seem like you can’t live without them, but you probably can. (…) stars aren’t very portable, unless you can hire the star and his or her team, it likely is a waste of money.

2. Great systems are more important than great people. (…) Even the most brilliant person is doomed to fail in a bad system, and seemingly mediocre people can become stars in a great system.

3. Create smaller rather than larger pay differences between “star” employees and everyone else.

4. The law of crappy people is probably a myth. (…) There is evidence that people like to hire people like themselves. (…) But I can’t find any evidence that “B players” are afraid to hire people with the same or greater skills.

5. The no asshole rule helps. (…) such bosses and work climates not only drove people out, but they created environments were people devoted too much energy to avoiding blame and the wrath of others, and not enough time to actually doing their jobs.
management  bob-sutton  talent  good-workers  stars 
5 days ago by Mekk

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