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Star Trek: Vulcanology: Vulcan Language Dice From "Unification"
the syllabic nucleus of the vulcan language. not sure why THIS prop in particular haunts my forever dreams
conlang  scifi  startrek  language  text 
3 days ago by aparrish
is saddened to report the passing of Star Trek: Nemesis title designer, Richard Alan Greenberg…
StarTrek  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by miaeaton
fic_promptly | Monday, June 4, 2018 - Sunshine
Star Trek TOS or AOS, Spock/McCoy, I was raised on country sunshine
2018/06  StarTrek  Lonely 
3 days ago by fic_promptly
Fic: the sound of you (was all I'd hear) [kirk/spock, start trek: aos]
After Jim's (very) near death experience, Spock finds himself exponentially more aware of Jim's consciousness, even when they aren't in physical contact. But he doesn't need to bother a recovering Jim with that knowledge, especially since they've been spending so much time together lately. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
startrek  st:reboot  pairing:jim.kirk/spock  author:tardigradeschool  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:pining)  (  (content:bed.sharing)  (content:temporary.character.death)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
4 days ago by midnightbex
When someone wants to talk before you've had your... Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
MondayMood  Picard  StarTrek  TNG  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by miaeaton
Something Smart to Do - kianspo - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Jim finds himself fake-married to his first officer every other month. It's not his fault. Mostly. Dowries and Klingons are involved. Starfleet is decidedly not amused.
fic  kirk/spock  startrek 
10 days ago by exclamations
Really neat answer to this question about early Star Trek fandom:
“I would love to know more about when you first started thinking that there was more than friendship between Kirk and Spock and when fans first started talking about it. Was it Amok Time that first gave you the idea?”
source:tumblr  scifi  sciencefiction  fandom  sf  tos  st:tos  slash  startrek  history  culture  k/s 
11 days ago by djwudi
Star Trek Prelude to Axanar
Cool short film in the Star Trek universe. About the Klingon war.
startrek  video  scifi  via:jefframnani 
13 days ago by tribbles
Star Trek Prelude to Axanar
Cool short film in the Star Trek universe. About the Klingon war.
startrek  video  scifi 
14 days ago by jefframnani

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