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Star Trek: Discovery: everything you need to know before Sunday - The Verge
Which universe it takes place in, where it falls in the timeline, and more
yesterday by zmoog
Lunch and Other Obscenities, by Rheanna
Rating: General Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Relationship: Spock/Uhura
Character: Spock, Nyota Uhura, Gaila
Additional Tags: Humor, Female Friendship, Female Protagonist, Character of Color, culture clash, Wordcount: 5.000-10.000, Women Being Awesome
Published: 2009-06-21
Words: 9717

Summary: Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her.`
fanfiction  startrek  uhura/spock 
3 days ago by tarastarr1
RT : Our celebration dance because is just ONE WEEK away!
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Scenes from a Disaster Zone - wobblycompetencies - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
“So, I’m to understand that you’re upset because — barring further daring heroics in the name of frontier medicine — you may only attain the average human lifespan?”

Julian inspects his own toes. “A bit, yes.”

After a moment, Garak says, conversationally: “The meteoric trajectory of your medical career may have to be compressed, I suppose. Carrington Award rescheduled for, what, forty-five or so? Admission to the Interplanetary Consortium of Physical Medicine bumped up to seventy? Now, don’t scoff, my dear Julian. If anyone can do it, it’s you.”
fic  startrek  ds9 
12 days ago by comenextmonday
Invisible - Chapter 1 - CarminaVulcana - Star Trek [Archive of Our Own]
Spock is held captive in a Cardassian facility and tortured for information. The only way he bears it is with the knowledge that at least Jim is safe. Unknown to him, they are forcing Jim to watch everything they do to his first officer.
startrek  wip 
14 days ago by pinbot72

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