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How the NBA's most artistic photographer captures player emotions -
“I hear a lot from sports photographers that anybody can shoot basketball. ‘Oh, basketball’s easy because you sit there and it all happens right there in front of you,’” Petersen said. “But I disagree with this.”
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2 days ago by xmanoel
How to Hire Like the NFL’s Best Teams | Organizational Physics by Lex Sisney
The Team Leaders in quadrant 1 demonstrate high skills and fit for this position or role, they have shared vision and values, and they demand fair compensation (defined as at or below market rates for your industry and corporate lifecycle stage) for this position. That is, they could get more money elsewhere but they choose to take less because they intrinsically value being part of the team and opportunity in a role that is well suited to their strengths and interests.
Team Leaders define “the way” of your organization much like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady are team leaders who define the way of their respective teams. “Hey rookie, see how Peyton Manning studies film every morning at 6am? That’s the kind of player we want around here. Prepare like he does and you’ll do just fine.”
Think of your Team Leaders as stars, starters, or captains. You want to reward and retain them for as long as possible. Give them ownership opportunities, career paths, autonomy, and support them as role models for the rest of the company.
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iPhone X, meet roller derby: Shooting sports photography with Apple's newest smartphone | iMore
Rene reviewed the iPhone X in our traditional style. My review methods were… a little more unorthodox.
was lacing up my skates to test the floor when the iPhone X hit Apple Store shelves. It's the first time my secret life as a skater for a top 10 roller derby team has directly interfered with my work at iMore — I had my husband pick up my iPhone X in Massachusetts and drive it down to Philadelphia, where I was skating in WFTDA's annual international championships.
I could have just called a mulligan on the weekend, tying it in with my honeymoon the next week, and left the iPhone X to hang out at the store for a few days longer. But what would be the fun in that?
Instead, I got media credentials to the event alongside my skater pass. The goal? Testing the iPhone X's true prowess as a camera for sports photography and videography, behind-the-scenes snaps, and many (many) ridiculous Portrait selfies.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
It wasn’t easy when you wrote a letter that read, “Please allow me to change my citizenship and become a judoka of Kazakhstan”, and handed it to the president of the Mongolian Judo Association.
There is a quote: “If you’re afraid, don’t do it. If you’re doing it, don’t be afraid!” I made a tough choice.
It was hard to compete in the State Judo Championship of Kazakhstan when I first came to Kazakhstan. I cried a lot at the time.
You won the State Championship of Kazakhstan. How did the Kazakh people receive that? Were you afraid that you wouldn’t win? You couldn’t have competed in the World Judo Championships if you had lost.
I had to be very responsible at the tournament. I thought about a lot of things.
What was the hardest thing to do when you first went to Kazakhstan?
The language barrier. I couldn’t learn Kazakh when I was in Mongolia. There was no time. Kazakh judokas taught me so many things, like some Kazakh words and numbers, and more.
The Kazakh people always support my teacher and me. I communicate with them through Russian. I learned some Kazakh, but not well.
The weather condition and food in Kazakhstan and Mongolia are almost same. We have adapted well.
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