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Steelers' Stevan Ridley says '14 departure from Pats 'hadn't sat well'
it's the patriot way
"I was trashed after an injury," Ridley told the Boston Herald. "I'm just going to put it that way. I'm not going to say specifically, but to be a starter for [the Patriots] for four years, to tear my ACL and never get a call back, that's a tough pill to swallow."
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6 hours ago by jimmykduong
Fly Low Carrion Crow
"Kevin has fled Edgar Allan, leaving Nathaniel and Jean behind to bear the brunt of Riko's unstable temper. Long used to having little power and control, to using what little advantages he has, Nathaniel refuses to allow the abuses to continue - especially to allow his lover to pay the price for Kevin's cowardice or Riko's growing madness. He'll do whatever he has to do to keep the one person he cares about safe." (5381 words)
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When I’ve pursued sports as an adult, I’ve... - Racheline Maltese
When I’ve pursued sports as an adult, I’ve largely pursued mostly but, not entirely, solitary activities. In fencing, we all die alone, but we also need someone else’s body to practice against. In horseback riding it’s just you and the horse, but the horse has very specific opinions about your skill and if he wants to work with you. In skating, it’s basically just you against the test and I could go on a bit why that doesn’t really change in synchro or pairs.
10 hours ago by raccoonnookkeeper
The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever - The Ringer
An oral history of the most important deal in sports TV history, when Rupert Murdoch and Fox stole the NFL and John Madden out from under the Big Three networks, created the modern pregame show, invented a new way to see football, and launched a television empire
16 hours ago by colindocherty
Eleven Sports may be facing closure in UK after only four months | Sport | The Guardian
- Without carriage agreements with the existing platforms, alongside the challenges posed by rampant piracy, the current market dynamics in the UK & Ireland are very hostile for new entrants - also looks like the EPL couldn't stand the competition
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yesterday by renaissancechambara
Washington QB Josh Johnson reflects on his pro football journey |
Not everyone is in the position to be as successful as they can be. Not everyone can be the star at their job. There are ups and downs in our careers and it’s how we handle it that matters...

One thing I’ve learned: When you love something and you can’t really experience it the way you want to, it teaches you a whole lot about yourself. It’s a good rule for life, I think...
yesterday by campion1581
Mike McCarthy and the Packers: And Insider’s View |
It is still mind-boggling that a city of 100,000 people is home to a team in the biggest sports league in the country. It is a team built on legacy and tradition, which explains in part why there is so much resistance to change. I remember when I started working there noticing that there was no way for people to contact the organization on nights or weekends, even through voice mail. When I inquired about it, the response I received was, “Why would anyone want to do that?”
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