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Por qué los catalanes pagan los impuestos más altos | Mi dinero | Cinco Días
article in Cinco Días de El País about taxes in Catalunya and why people pay more.
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yesterday by piperh
About the cacerolada form of protest in which people bang pots and pans
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El Gelato de El Nacional - Paseo de Gracias, Barcelona, España
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2 days ago by jikatu
Cox: How Real Madrid have been so dominant
“Real became the first side to retain the European Cup in the Champions League era, and they are now going for a hat trick. Only three times before -- Real in the 1950s, then both Ajax and Bayern Munich in the 1970s -- has a club won three European Cups on the bounce. If Real triumph again, they deserve to be considered among the all-time great European clubs.”
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3 days ago by colm.mcmullan
36 Hours in Madrid - The New York Times
There has never been a better time to visit the Spanish capital, where the political and economic turmoil of the past decade has helped spur creativity and enterprise.
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