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Frontiers | On Poetic Topic Modeling: Extracting Themes and Motifs From a Corpus of Spanish Poetry | Digital Humanities
This paper analyzes the application of LDA topic modeling to a corpus of poetry. First, it explains how the most coherent LDA-topics have been established by running several tests and automatically evaluating the coherence of the resulting LDA-topics. via Pocket
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World Cup Iran vs Spain Spread and Prediction
The first round of matches has created an interesting situation in Group B. Iran actually defeated Morocco, while Portugal and Spain played for a draw. That means that Iran are now leading the group. However, that is expected to change when they will clash against Spain on Wednesday. Spain just didn’t have an answer for […]

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FIFA  World  Cup  Predictions  and  Odds  Soccer  Iran  vs  Spain  Prediction  Spread 
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RT : 's king's brother-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, has entered jail today. He will serve a 5 years and 10 months sen…
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This story map was created with the Story Map Journal application in ArcGIS Online.
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World Cup Portugal vs Spain Spread and Prediction
Group B of the World Cup has two very distinctive favorites, Spain and Portugal. However, both teams lucked out in the draw, as they will have to play against one another in the premiere. This Iberian peninsula derby will shape the group, as whoever wins here will most likely top the group. However, there is […]

The post World Cup Portugal vs Spain Spread and Prediction appeared first on WagerTalk News .
FIFA  World  Cup  Predictions  and  Odds  Soccer  Portugal  vs  Spain  Prediction  Spread 
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