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All – Tiny Helpers
This is nice: a collection of single-serving web tools that do one useful thing, primarily for software/web developers. Bookmarked for the next time I Need A Thing.
software  web  development  tools  utilities 
9 minutes ago by infovore
Roam: Why I Love It and How I Use It - Nat Eliason
Roam has a learning curve, but after a few weeks of playing with it I already love it much more than Evernote and Notion. Here's why, and how I'm using it.
productivity  software  tools  organization  roam  ifttt  data  evernote  notes  Pocket 
4 hours ago by mahnouel
WireGuard VPN review: A new type of VPN offers serious advantages
Kind of cool to read about VPNs. Didn't know what's out there. Good to know Wireguard is interesting and tries to bring a simpler approach to the VPN world.
software  linux  security 
6 hours ago by shurane
Pitching itself as a US based Open-RAN (O-RAN) provider. Working with Rakuten for their 5G rollout?
O-RAN  Open-RAN  RAN  radio  access  network  software  hardware  3GPP 
10 hours ago by asteroza

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