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YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: That Wasn't Real Feminism (TFM 42O)
'Feminism (like most ideologies) always want more, and once people start getting wise to their con, they change their name.' -- "You notice every time these Marxist, communists get found out they realize their shit doesn't work, they try to change their name, they try to rebrand themselves, they try to reimagine their bullshit that didn't work before: "This will totally work, guys. This time it's different. This isn't communism, this is Universal Basic Income. This isn't feminism, this is Gender Studies. This isn't Marxism, this is Progressivism. Or it's Liberalism."' -- Rabbitism
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correct, Socialism according to Marx is not 'the government does stuff'. 'the government d...
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2 days ago by jonschoning
Finland’s Welfare State Has a Massive Baby Problem - Bloomberg
Finland, a first-rate place in which to be a mother, has registered the lowest number of newborns in nearly 150 years. The birth rate has been falling steadily since the start of the decade, and there's little to suggest a reversal in the trend. 
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2 days ago by pankkake
Four Futures
Fiction's use in imagining new possibilities.
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3 days ago by dxin
Freedomain Radio -- #3823: NO RULES (MP3)
'The societal erosion of rules and consequences has led to trends which will ultimately cause a collapse of civilization. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the dangerous consequences of a responsibility free world where people are not held accountable for their bad decisions.' -- "...Because there were no negative examples of irresponsibility, irresponsibility became 'self-expression' and restraint became 'repression'...Consequenceless hedonism...When there are no negative consequences to those around us, or when the negative consequences don't accrue to either them or us directly, we stop caring about each other...Consequences have vanished, concern has vanished, care has vanished, protection has vanished, standards have vanished – you can't rebuild them. All rules of self-restraint look like irrational, neurotic repression in the absence of negative consequences."
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5 days ago by adamcrowe
RT : Or, wild idea here, corporations could actually pay taxes that reflect their profits so school systems can be bette…
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6 days ago by jarrenb
Socialism: Converting Hysterical Misery into Ordinary Unhappiness for a Hundred Years
There is a deeper, more substantive, case to be made for a left approach to the economy. In the neoliberal utopia, all of us are forced to spend an inordinate amount of time keeping track of each and every facet of our economic lives... That’s not what the left wants. We want to give people the chance to do something else with their lives, something besides merely tending to it, without having to take a 30-year detour on Wall Street to get there. The way to do that is not to immerse people even more in the ways and means of the market, but to give them time and space to get out of it. That’s what a good welfare state, real social democracy, does: rather than being consumed by life, it allows you to make your life. Freely. One less bell to answer, not one more.
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6 days ago by isaacsmith

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