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Sentences I never thought I'd write: I think this is slightly unfair to the general line of _Jacobin_.
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Class Warfare
'The balance between financial resources and the ability to successfully reproduce the next generation is incredibly well known and understood. Stefan Molyneux discusses the connection between intelligence and wealth, contrasted with the various tactics used to acquire resources via coercive means.' -- "The free market is like an extinction-level event for the dumb genes. And like all genetic sets, they fight back...So what do they do? They say, 'Well, what we need, you see, is democracy.' Now what democracy does is it no longer differentiates between smart people and dumb people when it comes to influencing state policy. It raises the sexual market value of dumb people by creating an agency of force that takes resources from smart people and transfers them to dumb people."
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Breitbart -- Venezuela Rewards Soldiers Brutality with Toilet Paper
'Pictures have emerged of the Venezuelan military presenting soldiers with toilet paper rolls in what appears to be a reward for their loyalty. -- The military was reportedly rewarding the soldiers for a “great job” in the past few days as they continue to use brutality, such as water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas to contain continued mass protests against the socialist government. -- Soldiers were pictured shaking hands with a superior, who handed them a package that included toilet paper, toothpaste, and sanitary wipes. -- The soldiers were likely grateful to receive the packages given Venezuela’s total economic collapse that has led to chronic shortages of sanitary products such as toilet paper and toothpaste, as well as other basic resources such as food, medicine, and electricity. -- Inflation is expected to rise to 1500 percent by the end of the year, while the Venezuelan Bolivar has lost 99.9 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar since 2010.'
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2 days ago by adamcrowe
Spiked -- Why the middle classes love Jezza by Neil Davenport
'...Since the counterculture of the 1960s, a strain of leftist radicalism has eschewed working-class politics in favour of woolly green thinking, animal-rights concerns, and a celebration of identity over economic matters. Central to this outlook was a jaundiced view of the mass of ordinary people. With their tabloids, consumerist desires and traditional norms, they were considered as much of a problem as the ruling class. Where once this anti-masses sentiment was confined to fringe anarchist and green movements, it has in recent years become dominant among radicals more broadly, the Labour Party and the wider British establishment. -- Far from Corbyn being a radical threat to Middle England, he represents Middle England. He hates McDonald’s and smoking in pubs, but loves Glastonbury, vegetarianism and pedal power. He is also a big champion of the poor and needy, a key hallmark of the middle class’s self-righteous identity. Blair may have embraced some ethical middle-class beliefs, but Corbyn goes much further and is all the more popular for it. No doubt he also appeals to fiftysomething leftists nostalgic for a return to ‘real’ Labour values, but his main constituency is well-to-do public professionals with the DAB set permanently to Radio 4. In other words, he appeals to a social strata that does well from the way society is currently organised and which is quietly keen to preserve existing class structures. -- Far from Labour being a vehicle to advance working-class demands, it is now an organisation that flatters the ‘caring’ middle classes. Corbyn’s Labour has become the means through which the middle class can attempt to civilise vulgar capitalist society, while Labour’s old supporters are tolerated only as recipients of welfarism or nannying advice on lifestyle choices or racial etiquette. Corbyn’s popularity does not derive from a demand for full-blooded state socialism, but from his ability to express the middle-class consensus. For decades now, the British establishment has flattered and amplified sandal-wearing fringe politics to the extent that it has become the dominant outlook in political circles. Corbyn has been a consistent and authentic exponent of such ethical concerns and, with the working classes dormant as a political force, his time has come.' -- Fake the folk
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Don’t March, Organize for Power —Jacobin Magazine “Alec Perkins / Flickr With the sudden and unexpected expansion of socialist organizations like Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in the wake of the 2016 elections, socialists finally have the o
In her book No Shortcuts, Jane McAlevey distinguishes between organizing and mobilizing.

Leftist organizing — the work it takes to build a labor or tenants’ union — addresses itself to the apolitical, the disillusioned, or those actively hostile to the Left and attempts to persuade them to join organizations and take collective action for their own betterment. Mobilizing, in contrast, seeks out those who already agree and asks them to make their support visible.

Organizing brings new constituencies into the Left, while mobilizing demonstrates existing support. The characteristic culmination of organizing is something like a strike — an action that requires majority support within a specific constituency. The protest is the characteristic culmination of mobilizing, and it draws a self-selecting minority of activists to show up and demonstrate support.

Both forms of activity have their uses, but, as McAlevey points out, mobilizing comes with sharp limits: in the US today, there are not enough leftists or progressives to win the necessary fights. The Left must bring in new people, which means organizing.

Organizing, however, is hard, resource-intensive work that takes years to accomplish, so leftists will always be tempted to take the “shortcut” and mobilize existing supporters. But, the same historical conditions that make marches so seductive — the Left’s lack of local organizations with ties to a larger base as well as its inexperience in building effective campaigns for power — are the very conditions that make mobilization the wrong strategy.

They also happen to be the very conditions that the DSA is meant to — and must — change.
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Watch Full Episodes Online of Tavis Smiley on PBS | Jacobin Editor Bhaskar Sunkara
The Jacobin editor discusses the rising popularity of socialism following the 2016 election.
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Anonymous Conservative -- The Psychology Of Rabbits
'"...“Get out the water, you gonna die,” yells one, while another yells, “ain’t nobody fixing to help you, you dumb (expletive).” As Dunn disappears under the water, one of the teens says, “Oh, he just died.” -- Investigators say none of the teens — all between 14 and 16 years old — called 911 to report Dunn’s drowning or tried to help the man." -- ...While watching a nature show recently, a lone wolf was trying to take down a caribou in a large herd. I immediately felt myself in the caribou’s position, and sympathized with its plight. The wolf ran at the herd, and it scattered, like water flowing away from a high point. The wolf ran until it locked in on one caribou and caught a piece of its hock. It hung on, and the long struggle began as the wolf tried to slowly move his hold up on the caribou as the caribou tried to catch him with a kick from his rear leg, a struggle which the caribou would ultimately lose. -- But in between the start of the struggle and the end, hundreds, if not thousands of caribou watched from the distance, as their compatriot fell, got up, ran, kicked with its hind legs at the wolf, fell, got up, kicked some more, spun around, and all the while the wolf slowly worked up to its neck, seeking the carotid and the jugular. -- As I envisioned myself as the caribou, I couldn’t help but think of Bill Whittle’s example of r and K, where if he was a K-antelope and somebody attacked his herd, he would have organized a team to gather and fight back. At any time, fifteen or twenty Caribou could have run up and impaled the wolf on their antlers, while the wolf was occupied with his victim. They could have bit the wolf’s back legs, and probably severed tendons. They could have kicked it with their hind legs and broken its ribs. Hundreds could have run up and stomped it to death. But not a one cared. It didn’t anger them, and they felt no kinship or empathy with the victim. -- The last shot, after the caribou had fallen and died, was of the herd running away, flowing up and over a hill like a stream of water. Their friend was dead, and it was clear none of them cared. They were on to the next pasture, hundreds of individuals, each one alone, who only felt fear for their own well being and nothing else. -- You see all of this in human r-strategists, from the lack of care for those in their own herd, to the demand that nobody attack the predators who are preying on their own. My own belief is the r-strategist is programmed to support the predator, because without predation K-selection would take over, and the r-selected psychology would disappear at the hands of the K-strategists in their midst. The predator actually protects their psychology, by eliminating their real enemy the K-strategist. -- r and K are almost supernatural spirits, battling to determine the very nature of the beings they occupy. One faces its enemies directly, and battles them to their face as it loves and protects its own, while the other is truly the offspring of the father of lies, and like him seeks nothing but the suffering of everyone – even of its own. -- Here, these kids had absolutely no care for anyone. They were amused by the suffering, terror, and death of their own. They are no different from all the leftists who dismiss the rapes of innocent young girls in Europe by the migrant crime squad, or the criminal advocates who dismiss the pain and suffering of the victims of crime. Their psychology will never bring anything of value to civilization, or create any of the greatness they parasitize to survive.'
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5 days ago by adamcrowe
La passivité criminelle de la gauche castrochaviste | Contrepoints
Face aux violations des droits humains commises par les régimes en place à Cuba et au Venezuela, force est de constater qu’il ne reste aucun principe, de ceux brandis autrefois par la gauche radicale, qu’elle n’ait trahi et adultéré.
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