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£10,000 proposed for everyone under 55 - BBC News - To clarify, the article is proposing a lump sum of £10000 to be paid over two years. It's £5000 per year and, from what I understand, not proposed to be an ongoing program. // evidence for UBI in small form and socialism (same start opportunities capital pathways for all - see book why socialism). mix, hybrid. enabling self-development responsibility future thinking and such. labour market not affected, there is still incentive to do rewarding labour both financiall and socially and personally. also the advancement of technological-scientific chapter of humanity. somebody has to invent space steel ( multi compound alloy for space). //&!
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That’s Just Capitalism
An economy that distributes the national income based solely on the marginal productivity of each unit of capital and labor is an economy that will still feature massive levels of inequality and poverty. This is so for three reasons:

Around half of the population neither works nor owns a considerable amount of capital. Their true factor income is around $0.
There are considerable productivity differences between different kinds of jobs, and so wage differences would also remain very high even in the absence of rent.
Capital is distributed extremely unevenly and so capital payments would remain very unequal even without rents.
No amount of increasing competition, trimming intellectual property rights, or lowering barriers to entry would solve these problems. More specifically, eradicating rent-seeking would not solve these problems because these problems are not caused by rents. Instead, we need a big welfare state to fix problem one, strong (“rent-seeking”) labor organizations to fix problem two, and the redistribution and socialization of capital to fix problem three
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UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report | Business | The Guardian
UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report
‘Universal basic services’ costing about £42bn could be funded through higher taxes, say Jonathan Portes and academics //&! - Report proposes £10,000 for everyone under 55 - Most state benefits would be cut under the scheme. The RSA said the dividends would help steer people through the challenges of the 2020s. [...] "Without a real change in our thinking, neither tweaks to the welfare state nor getting people into work alone, when the link between hard work and fair pay has broken, will help working people meet the challenges ahead." [[...] space for skill acquisition, what UK system currently rules out completely ]]!!
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How does the socialist left build a mass plan to take back the country? Flu shots and brake lights.
This style of activism, where locals share resources and skills, is traditionally called “mutual aid.” One of the most famous examples in recent American history is Black Panther’s Free Breakfast for Children program of the late 1960s, where black liberationists organized hot meals to be served to underfed children. Mutual aid steps in where government has purportedly failed — provocations that show the failures in a system that needs, in the eyes of democratic socialists, to be radically revised.

For leftists in America, this means mending the holes that, if left unattended, lead to sickness, poverty and, especially, incarceration. In NYC, Black Lives Matter activists have stood at subway entrances to hand out free rides on the s
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Black and Red - by Tanna Tucker and Nestor Castillo
Comic-illustrated style: The history of Black Socialism in America
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Goodbye, Cold War | Issue 30 | n+1
The United States is in a remarkable place: for the first time, we are living in a truly post-cold-war political environment. For those on the center-left and center-right, there remains a desperate hope that if Trump were to be removed from the scene, through impeachment or defeat, the US could somehow return to its previous trajectory. And for all the past year’s politics of despair, a likely electoral outcome, because of popular revulsion toward Trump, is that centrist politicians in both parties will gain another shot at power. Given the razor-thin margin of Trump’s victory—despite institutional advantages like the electoral college and voter suppression—there is little reason to assume that Trump the politician will enjoy lasting political dominance. But as long as party stalwarts persist in recycling cold-war tropes, they will remain trapped in the same cycles of social crisis and popular disaffection. Even if this combination of nostalgia and outrage works for a couple of election cycles, it cannot work indefinitely. This is not 1989.
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Letters: Letter from Marx to Arnold Ruge
Nothing prevents us, therefore, from lining our criticism with a criticism of politics, from taking sides in politics, i.e., from entering into real struggles and identifying ourselves with them. This does not mean that we shall confront the world with new doctrinaire principles and proclaim: Here is the truth, on your knees before it! It means that we shall develop for the world new principles from the existing principles of the world. We shall not say: Abandon your struggles, they are mere folly; let us provide you with true campaign-slogans. Instead, we shall simply show the world why it is struggling, and consciousness of this is a thing it must acquire whether it wishes or not.
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Why Antonio Gramsci is the Marxist thinker for our times : CriticalTheory
Communism will arrive through democracy and culture, not through a violent Revolution. Most people must be convinced to give socialism a shot in the government. He rejected the idea of "Dictatorship of the proletariat" as dangerous.
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What It Means to Be on the Left
The socialist project, for me, is about something more than just immediate demands for more jobs, or higher wages, or universal social programs, or shorter hours. It’s about those things. But it’s also about transcending, and abolishing, much of what we think defines our identities and our way of life.

It is about the abolition of class as such. This means the abolition of capitalist wage labor, and therefore the abolition of “the working class” as an identity and a social phenomenon. Which isn’t the same as the abolition of work in its other senses, as socially necessary or personally fulfilling labor.

It is about the abolition of “race,” that biologically fictitious, and yet socially overpowering idea. A task that is inseparable from the abolition of class, however much contemporary liberals might like to distract us from that reality.

As David Roediger details in his recent essay collection on Class, Race, and Marxism, much of the forgotten history of terms like “white privilege” originated with communists, who wrestled with the problem of racism not to avoid class politics but to facilitate it. People like Claudia Jones, or Theodore Allen, whose masterwork, The Invention of the White Race, was, as Roediger observes, borne of “a half century of radical organizing, much of it specifically in industry.”
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Women's vote: Pardoning suffragettes 'complicated' - BBC News - [non-reactionary movement = suffragette is also a non-symptom of a greater thing. ] Equality campaign group the Fawcett Society and some relatives of the suffragettes are among those who called on the home secretary to overturn the convictions of women who were imprisoned while fighting for the vote. //&! - Will women be equal to men in 100 years? The panel verdict //&! &! - The 1910s: ‘We have sanitised our history of the suffragettes’
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