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Reddit Now Has as Many Users as Twitter, and Far Higher Engagement Rates | Social Media Today
Reddit may not be the first social platform that jumps to mind when you think about marketing your brand, but the numbers show that it's on the rise, and should probably be a more significant consideration that it currently is.
socialnetworks  reddit  twitter 
13 days ago by marshallk
Dan McComas, Reddit Product SVP and Imzy Founder Interview
A conversation with former Reddit product head Dan McComas on the problems of growth as a metric and what Twitter is doing wrong.
culture  reddit  socialmedia  twitter  community  socialnetworks  business  growth  facebook  sociology  internet  socialanthropology 
21 days ago by toastednut
Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media
…two additional approaches that individuals can put in place right now to begin their transition from social media to the social internet.
web  socialnetworks 
5 weeks ago by carlesbellver
How Pizza Night Can Cost More in Data Than Dollars
Even a low-key evening at home can mean handing over a trove of personal information to high-tech companies
datamining  privacy  socialnetworks 
5 weeks ago by iankennedy
SWAT0 - IndieWeb
SWAT0 is an abbreviation for The Social Web Acid Test level 0, a user-feature interoperability test for social web functionality defined on 2010-07-18 at FSWS2010, and most recently demonstrated passing with IndieWeb examples live at IndieWebCamp 2015.
ptr  socialNetworks  standards  indieweb 
6 weeks ago by gojomo

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