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Instagram Direct Publishing Now Available on MavSocial 
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6 days ago by iagdotme
Does Posting More Often on Instagram Reduce Reach? [Report] | Social Media Today
Does posting too often on Instagram result in your posts seeing less reach? For their part, Instagram recently stated that their algorithm does not downrank users for posting too frequently - though it might swap in other content in between user posts if said user uploads too many, too quickly.
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13 days ago by WFreeland
Pinterest is Growing Faster than Twitter and Snapchat, and Offers Significant Opportunities | Social Media Today
Pinterest may not be growing at the rate the company had once anticipated, but the platform is expanding, with new data showing that the app is now closing in on 250 million monthly active users, up from the 200 million it reported back in September.
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13 days ago by WFreeland
can increase your businesses exposure by as much as 90%. That is, if you do it right.…
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17 days ago by pamneely
Being online isn't about getting angry or avoiding Ambien. can increase your businesses expos…
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18 days ago by pamneely
5 Easy Ways to Drive Conversions on Social Media    via…
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6 weeks ago by iagdotme
Meltwater - Likealyzer
Monitor and benchmark your Facebook page against your competitors with our unique competitive metrics.
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7 weeks ago by oheredia
Design Awesome Graphics For Social Media With Canva
Design awesome graphics that engages your fans and followers in social media with Canva's amazingly simple tool - now with hundreds of stunning layouts.
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7 weeks ago by morganf
Must-Know Social Media Updates of April 2018 
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7 weeks ago by iagdotme

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