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Gillette Shows Why a Legacy Brand Should Probably Never Troll an Underdog | Adweek
Dollar Shave Club is known for its ads poking fun at competitors like Schick and Gillette, claiming last month to have become the No. 2 best-selling razor in the U.S. Now, Gillette is fighting back with a rather unorthodox approach: turning negative tweets about the startup into ads.
And with Dollar Shave Club still perceived as "the little guy," it's not going very well. 
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Tips To Use Google Plus Post Ads [Infographic]
Google + does ads now. It's kind of a legacy from when they pretended they had hope for it
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Ralf Bohle/Schwalbe mahnt Toms Bike Corner ab
"Es ist dramatisch, wie sehr vor allem der Mittelstand einem Haufen digitaler Analphabeten gleicht."
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