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What It's Like to Be the Parent of a Social-Media Star - The Atlantic
Stories of young entrepreneurs who are social media stars and the issues they and their parents face.
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Time Well Spent
We are building a new organization dedicated to reversing the digital attention crisis and realigning technology with humanity's best interests.
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Wow, thanks, and - a 190280% increase in reach isn't bad!
Love these Brand24 Stor…
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What Facebook’s Latest Announcement Really Means For You
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It's the (democracy-poisoning) golden age of free speech
In the 20th century, the US passed laws that outlawed lead in paint and gasoline, that defined how much privacy a landlord needs to give his tenants, and that determined how much a phone company can surveil its customers. We can decide how we want to handle digital surveillance, attention-­channeling, harassment, data collection, and algorithmic decision­making. We just need to start the discussion. Now.
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11 hours ago by terry
THIS → Social media is keeping us stuck in the moment
Modern media was changing our relationship to time. It gave us “an obsession with the immediate… a criticism of the moment at the moment,” Innis argued, quoting Henry James. News media’s message, in the McLuhan-esque sense, was to stop paying attention to the past; hell, to stop paying attention to last week, or even yesterday. It was a format that “inevitably shrinks time down to the present, to a one-day world of the immediate and the transitory.” It made us creatures of “present-mindedness.”

A culture that is stuck in the present is one that can’t solve big problems. If you want to plan for the future, if you want to handle big social and political challenges, you have to decouple yourself from day-to-day crises, to look back at history, to learn from it, to see trendlines. You have to be usefully detached from the moment.

What Innis feared—as his biographer Alexander John Watson puts it—is that “our culture was becoming so saturated with new instantaneous media that there was no longer a hinterland to which refugee intellectuals could retreat to develop a new paradigm that would allow us to tackle the new problems we are facing.”
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16 hours ago by emmacarlson

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