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Internet Companies Boost Anti-Terrorism Collaboration | News & Opinion |
The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism counts Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube as its founding members, and will see the four companies work more closely together on anti-terrorism efforts. In addition to jointly developing technological solutions to filter out content that promotes terrorism, the companies said they will also establish a partnership with the United Nations Security Council and expand their sponsorship of content designed to dissuade terrorism.
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RT hvac Think before you post! These tips will help you set a solid
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Scoping crawls for specific types of sites with Archive-It
Once you select the seed sites that will populate your collection, our crawling technologies will determine what content to which they lead belongs in your archives, and what content does not. This default crawling scope can, however, be modified to better suit your needs, and we have accumulated many rules and best practices specific to the needs of different kinds of sites.
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Archive-It — Archiving Twitter feeds
You can add Twitter feeds, including those for hashtags, to your collection in order to crawl, archive, and replay them as you would any other seed site, just so long as you remember to format and scope them according to a few simple rules:
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