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Facebook could tell us how Russia interfered in our elections. Why won’t it? - The Washington Post
Facebook, of course, does not have the same issues with data access. It has the metadata to identify precisely which accounts were created, where they operated and what kinds of things those users were up to during the U.S. election. Their data scientists could probably provide some insights that the intelligence services cannot.

The company argues that fake accounts have been participating in only a small amount of the overall activity around politics and public life in the United States. But even a small percentage of total Facebook activity, if concentrated strategically, could be influential. Was the activity mostly in swing states? Did it occur in the months of the Republican primaries and originate with accounts seeded from Russia? Or did fake-news and fake- account activity peak in the three days before the election?

If there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian influence operations, Facebook may be able to spot that, too.
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The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works - The Washington Post
Debunking a story still doesn't end it. Sean Hannity, who's now a sort of elder statesman in Fox News's prime time lineup, devoted parts of three episodes this week to the Rich story. The first of these episodes ended in a wreck, with Wheeler giving his last public interview to date, recanting much of his story about Rich and babbling about how a credible source told him a story consistent with, perhaps, Rich having emailed WikiLeaks.
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- How to Get Your Marketing Act Together
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Steemit delivery - So what did I do with my first Steem payout?

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Judge rules emoji are proof of intent
One piece of evidence used against the defendants was an emoji-filled text message they sent to Dahan, which mentioned the house and included the emoji chain “‍.”
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2 days ago by twwoodward
What Has Slack Done to the Office?
Slack is a very human experience,” says Christina Janzer, who runs Slack’s UX research team. “It makes the workplace much more personal, which is maybe why people have such an emotional tie to it.

Slack encourages co-workers to see themselves as a team and presents plenty of means to assert group identity. For example, an efficient way to summarize the differing editorial sensibilities of Gawker and BuzzFeed might be this: BuzzFeed had a Slack channel for being excited about Hamilton; Gawker had a Slack channel for compiling bad tweets. Co-workers can personalize emoji, devise elaborate Slack bot pranks, cultivate inside jokes
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2 days ago by JohnDrake
A disturbing plan for control…
Essentially it looks like a clampdown on the social media – and, to all intents and purposes, the establishment of a full-scale internet censorship system (see the ‘fake news’ point above). Where the Tories are refusing to implement statutory regulation for the press (the abandonment of part 2 of Leveson is mentioned specifically in the manifesto, along with the repeal of Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013, which was one of the few bits of Leveson part 1 that was implemented) they look very much as though they want to impose it upon the online media. The Daily Mail will have more freedom than blogging platforms, Facebook and Twitter – and you can draw your own conclusions from that.

When this is all combined with the Investigatory Powers Act, it looks very much like a solid clampdown on internet freedom. Surveillance has been enabled – this will strengthen the second part of the authoritarian pincer movement, the censorship side. Privacy has been wounded, now it’s the turn of freedom of expression to be attacked.
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