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Maybe Social Media Is Broken - Bloomberg
The algorithmic gatekeeper at Facebook -- also known as the newsfeed algorithm -- is woefully inadequate. It's tuned to “engagement,” meaning it promotes the content that attracts the most attention. This definition of success has contributed to the rise of clickbait journalism -- to the detriment of journalism that seeks to unearth new facts and present them in a complete and balanced way.  It has damaged our ability to reason, weigh facts and communicate with people outside our echo chambers.

What would a better gatekeeper look like? It wouldn’t be an algorithm. The best bet would be to hire a lot of actual human editors, who would follow transparent policies in deciding what is acceptable and should be amplified, as opposed to what should be censored or demoted. Platforms such as Facebook would need to pay these people, drastically reducing profit margins.

If you think what I’m suggesting sounds unrealistic or impossible, I agree. I never said there would be a solution. Certainly there won’t be an easy one.
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