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Hashtag mythology – Jamie Stantonian – Medium
With the zeal of antibodies fighting an infection, groups engage in tactics to limit the exposure they and their group has to contradictory information, including blocking, social humiliation, dehumanisation and abuse. This can get very nasty, especially when this becomes entangled in an “outrage economy” of clickbait that feeds on and elaborates these emotive new mythologies.
Based on my experience viewing current hashtag dramas such as #GamerGate, #FTBullies, #IndyRef and also behaviour I’ve witnessed in a wide array of conspiracy theory, new age and political communities, I’ve tried to identify a common array of tools and tactics used in such information wars that exploit — knowingly or otherwise —bugs and frailties in human psychology as factions wrestle to try to make their group mythologies and their Origin myths the publicly accepted ones.
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Top 10 Marketing Campaigns of 2017 | Brandwatch
It’s been great to see brands experimenting with new possibilities this year without being gimmicky.

IKEA’s “Place” app that uses augmented reality to show how furniture looks in people’s homes is a great example of how to create a branded experience that uses trending tech and is genuinely useful to the consumer.

The app actually made IKEA one of the top mentioned brands in the online AR conversation.

Aside from all the fun you can have virtually placing coffee tables in the middle of the street and effectively jazzing up your apartment as if you were playing The Sims, it helps people make more informed decisions about their purchases.

It also cuts out expletive-heavy arguments over whether a new couch will match the color scheme occurring in store in front of children. It’s a public service app if ever I saw one.
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