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4 days ago by kitoconnell
Flynn under fire for fake news
As Donald Trump’s national security adviser, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will have to advise the president of the veracity of foreign and domestic threats, separating those that require immediate policy action from propaganda or misinformation.

But Flynn himself has used social media to promote a series of outrageous conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and their inner circles in recent months — pushing dubious factoids at least 16 times since Aug. 9, according to a POLITICO review of his Twitter posts. Flynn, who has 106,000 Twitter followers, has used the platform to retweet accusations that Clinton is involved with child sex trafficking and has "secretly waged war” on the Catholic Church, as well as charges that Obama is a “jihadi” who “laundered” money for Muslim terrorists.
propaganda  disinformation  socialmedia  conspiracy  islamophobia  misogyny  sexism  racism  security 
4 days ago by campylobacter
The Onion -- Open-Minded Man Tries To Get News From Variety Of Facebook Friends
'For a long time, I’d just get news from my buddy Mark, but then I realized how much I was closing myself off to other perspectives,” said Kelly, adding that it is all too easy to get caught up in narrow ways of thinking, and that he now seeks out at least three or four of his friends’ posts on any given topic to ensure he’s getting the full picture. “I’ll check out high school friends, college friends, work friends—it’s important to get a good mix. I’d be doing myself a real disservice if I blindly believed claims my friend Kevin made without at least trying to verify them with comments from Heather or Dan. You can’t just accept whatever’s fed to you, you know?” Kelly went on to say that while it was essential to get his news from a variety of Facebook friends, it was equally important to avoid obviously fringe sources such as Doug.'
TheOnion  internet  socialmedia  echochamber  retribalization  idiocracy  satire 
4 days ago by adamcrowe
Parallel lives: how the Brexit vote revealed Britain's divided culture | Books | The Guardian
Think of Donald Trump, the tweeting president. Because those who work in the media and politics use Twitter relentlessly to communicate with each other, they assume that everyone else uses Twitter, and therefore fail to appreciate that reporting someone’s tweets is not necessarily “news”. Twitter is a gossip exchange that has somehow, glibly, by unwitting collusion, been turned into a treacherous diplomatic tool. This is an abuse of literacy on an industrial scale: a would-be demagogue given greater power by a media that professes to be horrified by his every utterance, simply because he has chosen a medium that they themselves use and erroneously believe is universal and democratic. It is not: Twitter is an elite platform that happens to be “free” to use. Except, of course, you pay for its use in innumerable other ways.
politics  socialmedia 
4 days ago by ayjay
Personality Insights
Gain insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do. This service applies linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes from a person's unstructured text.
textmining  datamining  distantreading  Psychology  SocialMedia  linguistics 
4 days ago by miaridge
Facebook Plans to Rewire Your Life. Be Afraid.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's manifesto, penned clearly in response to accusations leveled at the social network in the wake of the bitter U.S. election campaign, is a scary, dystopian document. It shows that Facebook -- launched, in Zuckerberg's own words five years ago, to "extend people’s capacity to build and maintain relationships" -- is turning into something of an extraterritorial state run by a small, unelected government that relies extensively on privately held algorithms for social engineering.
dystopia  socialmedia  facebook  2017  power  control  culture 
4 days ago by zzkt
x0rz/tweets_analyzer: Tweets metadata scraper & activity analyzer
The goal of this simple python script is to analyze a Twitter profile through its tweets by detecting:

• Average tweet activity, by hour and by day of the week
• Timezone and language set for the Twitter interface
• Sources used (mobile application, web browser, ...)
• Geolocations
• Most used hashtags, most retweeted users and most mentioned users
• Friends analysis based on most frequent timezones/languages
OSINT  intelligence  tool  twitter  metadata  socialmedia  github_repo 
5 days ago by cdzombak
How do you network? 9 in 10 and young are networkers leveraging .…
genZ  mobile  socialmedia  millennials  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by dtomoff
RT : Loren’s brother disappeared in 2011 so she dropped everything & ran unprecedented 5yr cam…
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5 days ago by kcarruthers

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