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Snapchat's new Crowd Surf feature fuses together concert videos | Mobile Marketer
Snapchat, the image-messaging service with 173 million users worldwide, added a feature called "Crowd Surf" that combines users' videos of a live event based on their audio track to give an almost seamless look from multiple viewpoints, Mashable reported. Snapchat posts the videos in Our Stories, a section of the mobile app that collects pictures and videos submitted by users at the same location.

Snapchat's research team developed Crowd Surf, which is powered by machine learning technology, to maintain the continuity of the audio throughout the different videos. Snapchat showed how Crowd Surf works at live events with footage of a concert by Lorde, the Grammy-winning singer. The feature is available at select events, a Snap spokesperson told Mashable.
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yesterday by dancall
Quadrupled use in the 25-34 age group over 3 years. I want to see > 34 age group... 😳 for RT…
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2 days ago by dtomoff
now attracts most 18-24 year-olds and almost half of 25-34 year-olds.
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2 days ago by dtomoff
Facebook knew about Snap's struggles months before the public
You may have only recently discovered that Snap isn't having much luck attracting new users, but Facebook knew months before -- and there's a chance you helped it find out. The Wall Street Journal has learned just how Facebook has been using app usage data from Onavo Protect, the VPN-based security app from its Onavo team, to see how Snapchat adoption has changed over time. The social network looked at aggregated info about the frequency and duration of app use to determine that Snapchat use slowed down soon after Snapchat-like Instagram Stories became available. In other words, Facebook knew it could double down on its anti-Snap strategy within just a few months.

This isn't the first time Facebook has used Onavo's app usage data to make major decisions. The info reportedly influenced the decision to buy WhatsApp, as Facebook knew that WhatsApp's dominance in some areas (99 percent of Android phones in Spain had it) could cut it out of the loop. Likewise, it added live video after seeing how people used Meerkat and Periscope.
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4 days ago by dancall
6 Things Marketers Need to Know About Spectacles by
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7 days ago by sodermanmarketing
Snap sold fewer than 42K Spectacles, down 35% in Q2 | TechCrunch
Snap’s Spectacles sunglasses may prove to be more of a fad than a must-have device. Snap revealed during its call following weak Q2 earnings that it generated $5.4 million in “Other” revenue, which would equate to around 41,500 pairs of its Spectacles camera sunglasses at a $130 price point. That’s compared to $8.3 million in Other revenue in Q1, or fewer than 64,000 pairs, meaning Spectacles sales have declined roughly 35 percent.

Snap recently began selling Spectacles on Amazon and in other companies’ retail stores, like Harrod’s, but those sales won’t show up til Q3 earnings. Snap did start selling Spectacles online and through its Snapbot vending machines in Europe for the first time back in June. That means the 41,500 number may have been propped up by this expansion, and sales in the U.S. may have slipped further.
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7 days ago by dancall
Snap sinks as Q2 growth and revenue fall short | TechCrunch
Snap’s Q2 earnings report was another failure on a long, downward path for the social media company as user growth slowed under the pressure of Instagram. Snap added 7.3 million daily active users to reach 173 million with a 4.2 percent growth rate, slower than the 5 percent growth that got it to 166 million DAU in Q1. Snap missed on revenue that reached $181.6 million with a loss of -$0.16 earnings per share. That’s compared to Wall Street’s estimates of $185.8 million in revenue and a loss of -$0.14 EPS plus 175 million users.

Snap lost $443 million this quarter, up nearly 4X from $116 million in Q2 2016, showing its marketing and sales expenses are ballooning despite it still missing on earnings.
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7 days ago by dancall
Kylie Jenner to host Snapchat show | Mobile Marketer
Kylie Jenner, the reality-TV star with 96.3 million followers on Instagram, will host a Snapchat show produced by the E! Network that promises to show a peek into her personal and professional life. "Ask Kylie" will debut on Snapchat Discover on August 12 with five more episodes each week as a lead-in to her reality show "Life of Kylie" on E!, Variety reported. "Life of Kylie" debuts on August 6 at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time.
The 19-year-old celebrity will respond on Snapchat to fan questions about family drama, navigating heartbreak, handling stress and starting her cosmetics line, among other topics. Some of her friends also will appear in the series, including sister Khloé Kardashian, best friend Jordyn Woods, executive assistant Victoria Villaroel and grandmother MJ.
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9 days ago by dancall

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