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Introducing All the News That’s Fit to Snap - The New York Times
When we wanted a creative way to visually explain the Electoral College, we turned to Snapchat. (Spoiler alert: M&Ms are involved.) And when we wanted to invite all our readers to Sam Sifton’s house for Thanksgiving ... well, we invited them on Snapchat instead.

We’re going to continue telling stories on our Snapchat account and you can follow us. But you can also find us, starting today, on Discover — Snapchat’s home for content from news and media organizations.
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
Lots of people are saying that Instagram just officially ‘killed Snapchat’ Here’s why they’re wrong…
On Snapchat, there is no incentive to get followers or build an overly curated persona. It’s almost closer to a messaging platform than any of the public-facing social networks it’s often compared to. But to equate Snapchat to WhatsApp, WeChat, or even Facebook Messenger is also off. None of those apps are focused on photo and video consumption and sharing (Though naturally, Facebook Messenger now has Stories).
Ultimately, social products aren’t just defined by the features they offer, they are also shaped by the learned user behaviors and norms that evolve within them.
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4 days ago by davesurgan
Did Snapchat succeed because of its controversial UI?
Snapchat’s usability sucks. They even had to include ten black and white diagrams in their IPO filing just to help potential investors (i.e. olds) understand it. At Figma, we found ourselves…
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5 days ago by alexmc
Scott Galloway: Why Snap Is a Terrible Investment | The Daily | L2
L2 founder Scott Galloway tells Business Insider why he thinks no one responsible should ever invest in Snapchat.
snapchat  fail 
5 days ago by dancall
Snap acquires the crucial geofilter patent from Mobli for a record $7.7M | TechCrunch
According to Snap’s S-1 filing for its IPO, of the $400 million in revenues the company has, $360 million is made by selling “Geofilters,” or photo filters based on location, which advertisers can buy. So owning the patent on that concept would seem pretty crucial. But Snap has never had such a patent, until now.

Mobli, an Instagram competitor launched six years ago that failed to get ahead of its competitor, actually patented the idea of Geo-photo filters in 2012, after launching it the previous year.
snapchat  location  augmented-reality  deals 
5 days ago by dancall
Facebook and the Cost of Monopoly – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
This, ultimately, is why yesterday’s keynote was so disappointing. Last year, before Facebook realized it could just leverage its network to squash Snap, Mark Zuckerberg spent most of his presentation laying out a long-term vision for all the areas in which Facebook wanted to innovate. This year couldn’t have been more different: there was no vision, just the wholesale adoption of Snap’s, plus a whole bunch of tech demos that never bothered to tell a story of why they actually mattered for Facebook’s users. It will work, at least for a while, but make no mistake, Facebook is the only winner.
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6 days ago by dancall

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