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Functional capitalism
If I'm right that Singapore is functionally capitalist, then this sort of "market socialism" is not likely to lead to any of the other goals that socialists may have in mind. Thus, for instance, Singapore has a rather unequal distribution of income. Companies are run for the benefit of shareholders, not workers. Singapore may not be a libertarian ideal, but it even further from being a socialist ideal.
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2 days ago by elrob
ASUS Announces Lyra Trio Wi-Fi System, Singapore IT Show Offers
ASUS has announced the Lyra Trio, a three-hub mesh Wi-Fi system that promises ultrafast connectivity throughout your home or office, with comprehensive, constantly updated security parameters. With its dual-band Wi-Fi, and tri-hub mesh, the antenna placement on the Lyra Trio delivers strong Wi-Fi connectivity to every corner with no Wi-Fi dead zones. Multi-storied homes will...

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ASUS  Announces  Lyra  Trio  Wi-Fi  System  Singapore  IT  Show  Offers 
4 days ago by vrzone
How Capitalist Is Singapore Really? – People's Policy Project
The Singaporean government claims that around 90 percent of people living in HDB units “own” their home. But the way it really works is that, when a new HDB unit is built, the government sells a transferable 99-year lease for it. The value of that lease slowly declines as it approaches the 99-year mark, after which point the lease expires and possession of the HDB unit reverts back to the state.
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6 days ago by rootis0
Singapore tightens foreigner hiring norms, Indian techies likely to be hit
Skilled foreign professionals can work in Singapore under an ‘Employment Pass’ (EP), which is a work visa. They need to have acceptable qualifications and be paid at least 3,600 Singapore dollars (S$) per month, which translates into Rs 1.6 lakh approximately. The minimum salary threshold has been increasing over the years. In 2014, it was S$3,300 per month. Most Indians are sponsored by their employer under the EP route.The S-pass is another route available for mid-level skilled staff.Here, the salary threshold stands increased from January 1, 2019 to S$2,300 per month (or Rs 1 lakh approximately) from the current S$2,200 per month.
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6 days ago by thomas.kochi

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