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Bill McDermott commits to SAP Community – it’s a BFD. MSCNGA? - by @dahowlett
"The SAP Community has been rusting away for a while now. Resentment and a drifting away from core values have taken their toll. McDermott wants to fix that."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity 
8 hours ago by jonerp
is a free and open source screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 80 supported destinations you can choose from.
windows  opensource  screencast  screenshot  image  upload  sharing 
12 hours ago by der_dennis
当你要临时分享文件时,这些免费免注册的工具可以帮上忙 - 少数派
sharing  file 
16 hours ago by bigfly
Dat Project - Welcome!
Dat is the nonprofit-backed technology & community for building apps of the future.
synchronization  software  project  cloud  decentralized  p2p  sharing  distributed 
7 days ago by vipom
Tracking compensation and promotion inequity | Lara Hogan
Tracking compensation and promotion inequity A nice set of actionable suggestions. I'd be u…
career  diversity  management  Sharing  feminism 
8 days ago by brandizzi
Will Self-Driving Cars Usher in a Transportation Utopia or Dystopia? - Yale E360
Innovation visionaries say electric, self-driving, shared cars will soon revolutionize the way humans move about. But experts caution that unless this paradigm shift is guided by sound public policies, the future of transportation could lead to more pollution, more emissions, and more gridlock.
transport  autonomous.driving  e.mobility  sharing 
8 days ago by zesteur
Minimum Viable Sharing Meta Tags
MVSMT for short... yeah, like this is going to catch up. So anyway. Before starting publishing the Web Performance Calendar this year I though: hey, them articles should show up nicer when shared in the most Social of Medias. You know, a big ol' image and that. (It's not really how I talk actuall
styleguide  social  sharing  meta  seo  html  bestpractices 
8 days ago by michaelfox
Chicago, Once A Bikeshare Innovator, Squeamish About The Next Level
Dockless/smartphone #bike #sharing in #chicago? How it might affect @divvychicago
cycling  altrans  startup  bike  sharing  model  smartphone  dock  uber 
8 days ago by csrollyson
Lock it down: The macOS security guide (updated) | Computerworld
Apple’s systems are highly secure, but if your private or enterprise data matters to you, it’s essential to ensure your Mac is as secure as possible.
Malware is everywhere, and Macs are not immune. You can ignore the potential threat if you choose, but if you are an enterprise user holding confidential data, an educator in possession of private data, or even a Bitcoin collector who maybe clicked a few too many links on one of those dodgy faucet websites, you should know how to secure your Mac.
mac  security  privacy  malware  passwords  browser  sharing  apps  filevault  find_my_device  root  firmware 
10 days ago by rgl7194
Why You Should Change the Status of Secured Database to Unsecured while Sharing It
Here we explain it to you why setting the database status to unsecured can be of help when shifting to unsecured locations. This article also gives the steps for the same.
Sharing  Secured  Database  Unsecured  Admin  Group  members  Select  Get  External  Data  repair  Access 
11 days ago by DataNumen

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